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January 20, 2009

Oops! Cindy Biden Spills the Beans

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Well I'm guessing Hillary isn't too happy with this: Did you see how red Joe Biden got? Talk about loose lips sink ships.Jill Biden said on the Oprah show that she wanted her husband to be vice president instead of secretary of state, chiefly because it would involve less travel. "If you're secr...

The best of VwV and the presidential campaign

Less than one year ago, Voices without Votes was created to offer a voice of those who couldn't vote in the U.S. presidential election to those who could. Our exciting journey has reached its final destination with Barack Obama's inauguration today. However, before we say "goodbye," our authors have chosen ...

Voices without Votes Inauguration Liveblog

Join us starting at 10:00 a.m. EST for one final liveblog involving your favorite cast of Voices without Votes characters from all over the globe!

January 19, 2009

Today, I will mostly be watching Springsteen, Hancock, Taylor and Wonder

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So I managed slightly better today, and woke up at 6am rather than 4am. A friend had emailed me overnight to ask “So, what’s the atmosphere like over there?” My immediate reaction was: “Erm, well, I don’t really know. Because I haven’t been out in the thick of thi...

January 13, 2009

What do the following men have in common?

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1. John McCain 2. Joe Biden 3. Colin Powell Apart from all being prominent American male political figures, that is. And all being white (like Stephen Colbert, I don’t see colour). Give up? They’ve all got a great track record on bipartisanship. Well, a good enough track record to be hon...

December 14, 2008

Do You Have a Question for the Obama - Biden Transition Team?

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The Obama Transition team launched its new “Open for Questions” tool today on This new tool will allow anyone to ask and vote on questions they have for the transition team. Popular questions selected by the community of web users on will be answered on a regular b...

December 9, 2008

The American Nepotist Class

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A nepotistic-like succession of Caroline Kennedy to the likely soon-to-be-vacated seat of Senator Hillary Clinton doesn’t seem to be garnering much support, at least amongst those in the blogosphere.  The idea of expanding the Kennedy dynasty…just because…isn’t appealing t...

November 28, 2008

Presidential Inauguration Committee website goes live

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Hmm, there’s something familiar about this look and feel… ...

November 26, 2008

Barack Obama may have shared his toys in kindergarten…

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But he knows how to play with grown-ups now. As proved by his pick of Joe Biden - and as Paul Krugman notes in the New York Times: “Seriously, isn’t it amazing just how impressive the people being named to key positions in the Obama administration seem? Bye-bye hacks and cronies, hell...

Will Obama save the Middle East?

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The New Yorker thinks all these big names might work: The team of Barack (Grandpa Was a Muslim) Obama, Hillary (I’m a Clinton) Clinton, and Rahm (Israel) Emanuel (that’s his real middle name! and he was a volunteer with the I.D.F. during the 1991 Gulf War!), with Joe Biden and Bill Cli...