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November 5, 2008

Caribbean: Watching, Waiting…

The region (and indeed the world) thinks it knows who has won the race to the White House, but the suspense is killing Caribbean bloggers. Seriously. The mood in the blogosphere is positively electric, with (almost) everyone catching Obamamania...

Israel: Is Obama good for Israel?

As America elects its next president, Israeli bloggers ponder which candidate is best for their country. Gilad Lotan reviews several perspectives on the topic.

US Election 2008: Linkstream

Aggregated from: Stephen Taylor - a blog on Canadian politics

Newer Candidates vote: Palin, Obama, McCain, Biden Electoral College: Prediction from Obama 348.6 | McCain 189.4 Voting problems: Twitter Vote Report Get out the vote: Voter turnout above 60% a safe bet? Voter Intimidation: Black Panthers brandish nightstick outside of polling s...

November 4, 2008

Biden: “Girl-Girls are Tougher Than Girl-Boys”

Aggregated from: PoliGazette

One of the people we will sorely miss if Barack Obama loses today’s election (unlikely) is Sen. Joe Biden. Biden is known for his gaffes, and he made another one yesterday, blathering on about why some women are tough and others are not. Speaking about his sister, Val, his wife Jill, and Misso...

November 2, 2008

A vote for compassion

Aggregated from: England for Obama

Watching the Obama infomercial - especially the part about the 72-year-old man forced to return to work so that his wife can continue her medical treatment - I was struck again by how much a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for compassion. Of course, politicians on both sides always talk to the elect...

The best election ever

Aggregated from: England for Obama

According to the wonderful Bill Maher. And who am I to disagree? ...

Russia, U.S.: Election Coverage

Aggregated from: Global Voices Online » U.S.A.

Russia Blog writes that, in addition to writing regularly on McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden, “Russian mainstream media also give a fair amount of coverage to minor party American presidential candidates, who, somehow, are left unnoticed in their own country.” ...

October 31, 2008

Today's Faves: Don't Vote, Obamamania, and One Hot Mama

Voices without Votes continuously aggregates interesting links about the election from world bloggers. Our authors take turns picking their top 3 personal favorites every weekday. Today's picks take us to blogs from Palestine, Canada and the UK.

October 30, 2008

International bloggers on U.S. helicopter attack in Syria

Sunday's U.S. helicopter attack in Syria showed that the Bush administration is now using a more aggressive approach towards suspected insurgents in the region. With less than a week to go before the Presidential election, how will this new strategy affect the Obama and McCain campaigns in the eyes of the voters?