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November 16, 2008

Washington DC: the yes we can city

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I arrive into DC and the first thing I hear on the metro is the guard announcing after the train pulls out of each station: “welcome to the yes we can service …..” Outside the White House, a group of students were chanting “yes we can end genocide (in Darfur)”. And on t...

The Obama victory celebrations in Chicago

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I was there: albeit at the edge of the Grant Park, Chicago, celebrations.  Couldn’t wish for anymore, given we didn’t have tickets to the main section and also had driven for 6+ hours from Cincinnati that afternoon and only arrived at the park after 9pm, having made stops at ...

Get out the way Bush! Get Out The WAY Bush!

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On Tuesday, the people of the United States served George W. Bush and his supporters their eviction notice. Late that night, the people of America's capital -- by the thousands -- walked up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. They wanted to make sure that the Bush got word of the country's deci...

Add a message to Avaaz's wall in Washington DC

Aggregated from: The World Wants Obama Coalition

Add a message to Avaaz's wall in DC: "As citizens across the world, we congratulate you on your election, and celebrate your campaign commitments to sign a strong new global treaty on climate change, close Guantanamo prison and end torture, withdraw carefully from Iraq, and double aid to fight pover...

Six victory themes: how Washington DC celebrated when Obama won the election

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Here it is! The definitive video series depicting events in the United States capital on one of the most historic nights in the country's history. I'm talking about the spontaneous celebrations that broke out in DC in the wake of the declaration that Barack Obama had won the presidency on Tuesday N...

November 10, 2008

A South African in America: what the Obama victory means for us all

Aggregated from: Mandela Rhodes Scholars Blog

Four days later, my heart is still pounding! Hands shaking, butterflies in the stomach — an unfathomable feeling of awe! How can the election of a president in a country of which I am not a citizen have such an indescribable effect on me? The voice inside of me abruptly responds: “How c...

November 9, 2008

Social Media and The Making of the President

How influential was the web in this year's presidential election? Many onlookers and supporters of Barack Obama claim the President-Elect's mastery of video, audio and blogs helped him win the vote. A few international bloggers debate the role social media played in Obama's victory.

November 7, 2008

Fourth World Voices: We Can Too

African-American politician Barack Obama’s White House victory is seen as their own triumph by many in the world. But what does the marginalized and invisible world – the Fourth World – think of America’s first multicultural president? Indigenous peoples offer watchful hope for change; many adopt the spirit of “Yes we can.”

November 6, 2008

The storm before the calm

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I had a 6 hour drive from Cincinnati to Chicago on election day.  Aside from listening to CNN on the car’s digital radio, navigating (badly) and catching a few much-needed moments of sleep, I was stuck without anything to do.  I did feel bad, deserting the Get-Out-the-Vote cause to...

The greatest day

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This is the first of six videos in a series....