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November 6, 2008

Rosie Perez is still awesome

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Of course this video is a day late and a dollar short--but I wanted to post it anyway because 1. It's got good facts in it and 2. I didn't realize Rosie Perez was still so awesome. The last I had heard, she was regulated to Click the Camera on Diego and other D-list jobs because gawd forbid anybody ...

My dear brothers and sisters you are silent devils

Aggregated from: Egyptian chronicles

I was very sad to know that there are Muslims in the United States of America who boycotted the Presidential elections for Religious reasons not because that they are not convinced with the candidates.I read that there were certain calls in some mosques there for the Muslims to boycott the elections...


Aggregated from: Raed in the Middle

euphoric is the word to describe washington dc last night. I was done with my last TV interview at around one in the morning. When I walked out of the studio I was really surprised to see dozens of cars driving around honking their horns, and people running around the streets screaming and dancin...

November 5, 2008

Live-bloggin the party at the White House

Aggregated from: JOTMAN

Pennsylvania Ave is a giant party. The Bush family has been moved to another building. More to come....

Live-blogging spontaneous celebration of Obama victory on streets of DC

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What a night! What a night!The exhilaration! The evening was absolutely incredible. Early in the evening, when Obama was declared the victor, the whole bar -- filled with DC residents of every ethnicity -- erupted in cheers. The cheers didn't stop. An African American man seated next to me began...

How the World Rejoices to an Obama Administration?

As Barack Obama spoke to the American people as the President-Elect of the United States, many bloggers throughout the world were reveling in what can now be called a historic election. What will four years of President Obama bring to the U.S.? How will American now interact with the rest of the world?

Live-blogging from Northern Virginia: It's Obama time!

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I paid a visit to northern Virginia today. I rode by train past forests in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red.Having arrived at a station, I emerged from the darkness of the metro. At the top of the escalator a woman sang out: It's O-bama time! It's O-bama time!Near metro stations, gr...

Obama or McCain; South Africa Will Sell Ivory

Aggregated from: Baraza

Tomorrow, the entire world waits for history to be made. For the first time in its 200+ years of independence, the United States of America could have an African American as president. It will be historical indeed as for the first time ever, a person of colour - a minority - will lead the most power...

November 4, 2008

Armenians of the World, Rejoice! The End is nigh for the American Government Denial of the Armenian Holocaust and its Nazi Imitation (*)

Aggregated from: Professor Hovhanness Israel Pilikian's Blog

There is a post-modern American presidential virus (I call it ArmGenDen-itis) that infects US Congressmen and President-elects immediately after their election victories – the criminal denial of the attempted Genocide of the Armenians in 1915 by the Ottoman elite of the Young Turks. ...

Asia: Bloggers anxiously await results

As millions of Americans step into the polls today, Asians are snoozing away and will soon wake up to the news of who will be next to head the world’s most powerful country. Before they went to bed, however, bloggers across Asia about what they hoped and expected to find out when they wake up.