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November 11, 2008

Canada seeks climate pact with United States

Aggregated from: Planeta Azul

Obama’s election could cause problems for Ottawa, since he favours tougher emission cuts than Canada’s Conservatives and has expressed alarm over what he sees as excessive US reliance on “dirty oil” — much of which comes from Canada’s tar sands. Concluding ...

November 9, 2008

Three economists and a hoyden

In Australia, where the general euphoria over Obama's election has worn off, this ensemble of (mostly) economic bloggers are beginning to ponder what issues the new administration will address. Also: What is a hoyden, anyway?

Green Dreams: Environment Bloggers Weigh in on Historic Election

For envrionment bloggers around the world, hopes are high for the Obama Administration. After Obama's victory in the Presidential election last week, however, can he maintain the high expectations people have for him and his policies? This group of environment bloggers have begun ranking proposals and issues they hope Team Obama will begin tackling.

November 5, 2008

Time to Say Good Bye to Bush and Meet the Real Obama

"History never moves with the big things but with the small ones. History changes when, in the armpit of life, a seed of difference germinates, even if a small one. And Obama is this difference, his election was and is that difference. He will be a diagonal between the two theses. Little by little, against racists and racialists. With the whole Africa inside of him, fulfilling his Kenyan destiny. N'Kosi sikeleli Africa!"

Obama or McCain; South Africa Will Sell Ivory

Aggregated from: Baraza

Tomorrow, the entire world waits for history to be made. For the first time in its 200+ years of independence, the United States of America could have an African American as president. It will be historical indeed as for the first time ever, a person of colour - a minority - will lead the most power...

November 4, 2008

Climate Change = Democrats?

Aggregated from: The Murgatroyd Blog

An investigation by the US Senator Inhofe (Republican – Oklahoma) has demonstrated clearly that environmental groups are essentially political and they spend funds donated for environmental causes in support of the US Democratic Party in contravention of the law. So far, key environmental gro...

November 3, 2008

Aruba, U.S.A.: Battleground State?

Aggregated from: Global Voices Online » U.S.A.

Arubagirl makes a shopping trip to Florida, “a state that is a battleground in this election, as they call it,” and comes away asking: “Is this how an election is in the States? Where a 30 min INFOMERCIAL was the big news? Oy.” ...

McCain praying for rain

Aggregated from: Labor View from Bayside

The Republicans are supposed to be praying for a miracle. Perhaps a less supernatural event would be enough for McCain to win. According to a U.S. study rain affects voter turnout by up to 1%: The relationship between bad weather and lower levels of voter turnout is widely espoused by media, politic...

October 31, 2008

Obama or McCain - Who is Better (Or Less Bad) for Brazil?

This is the first US presidential elections in which Brazilians clearly see issues close to their hearts at stake. Both candidates have at some point touched on biofuels, international trade, Latin American integration and the place of Brazil in the world. Bloggers from Brazil have their say on who is a better president from their perspective.

October 29, 2008

“A little bit of rain never hurt anybody”

Aggregated from: England for Obama

Click below for some brilliant photos from Obama’s rally yesterday in Pennsylvania. You know, the one that took place in the rain. On the day that McCain/Palin cancelled theirs in Pennsylvania… because of the rain. The mavericks! ...