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November 15, 2008

Pro-Life in the Obama Era

Aggregated from: PoliGazette

One social issue American liberals no doubt hope to push back on in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s election is that of abortion.  While I’m hopeful that the new president will refrain from pursuing a radical abortion agenda, many pro-life causes must be feeling nervous about their ...

November 9, 2008

Three economists and a hoyden

In Australia, where the general euphoria over Obama's election has worn off, this ensemble of (mostly) economic bloggers are beginning to ponder what issues the new administration will address. Also: What is a hoyden, anyway?

November 8, 2008

Obama's Victory: A Boost for Global Health?

As U.S. President-elect Barack Obama prepares for his four years in the White House, many are discussing how his term will impact health issues, globally and in the U.S., and if he will deliver on his campaign promises. As part of their campaign, Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden said that ...

November 6, 2008

It Wasn't All About the President : Medical Marijuana Measures Pass in Michigan and Massachusetts

Aggregated from: VivirLatino

Michigan became the thirteenth state to legalize the physician supervised possession and use of cannabis. According to early returns, more than 60 percent of Michigan voters decided in favor of Proposal 1, which establishes a state-regulated system regarding the use and cultivation of medical mariju...

November 5, 2008

Barack Obama Silenced the Naysayer - Including Me

Aggregated from: Exquisitely Black

The Audacity of Hope . . . Realized. President Obama, Michelle, Sasha and Malia will soon be the new residents of the white house. And yes, he did it with a smart, beautiful black woman by his side. I didn’t believe it when I first heard his name, when he announced his intent to run...

November 4, 2008

Palin’s Medical Records Released, Andrew Sullivan Not Satisfied

Aggregated from: PoliGazette

This seriously has got to stop. The McCain-Palin campaign released Sarah Palin’s medical records on Monday, accompanied by a statement from her doctor, declaring her in good health. But former British conservative Andrew Sullivan, who has gone completely insane during this year’s campaig...

Palin Health Summary: Fit for Duty

Aggregated from: PoliGazette

CNN is reporting that hours before the 2008 election, the McCain campaign has released a summary of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s overall health. The verdict?  Fit for duty. CNN: The November 3 letter from her physician, Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, says, “Governor Palin is...

Barack Obama on his grandmother: ‘She was a quiet hero’

Aggregated from: England for Obama

Incredibly moving, Barack speaking about the loss of his grandmother, ‘Toot’, at the rally in North Carolina today: She may not have lived to see her grandson become President - but she raised an incredible man, and will live on through him. Thank you, Toot. ...

Obama's Grandmother Dies

Aggregated from: VivirLatino

Just read the news on CNN that Barack Obama's grandmother died. Just over a week after he took a break from the campaign trail to visit his ailing grandmother, Barack Obama's campaign said that 85-year-old Madelyn Dunham had died "peacefully" after a battle with cancer. "She was the cornerstone of...

Barack’s Grandmother has died

Aggregated from: England for Obama

The sad news is just in. Obama’s Grandmother Madelyn Dunham has died aged 86 of cancer. She had not been well recently, causing her grandson to suspend his presidential campaign in order to spend time with her in Hawaii. All our hearts go out to Barack and his family at this sad time. Make her...