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November 26, 2008

More Facts for the Lesson-Givers

Aggregated from: SuperFrenchie

While giving lessons about racism, the US media is always telling us how intolerant we are with our immigrants. So this Transatlantic Trends report on immigration by the German Marshall Fund of the United States published this week was kind of timely. Here are some of the findings: Q: Do you see imm...

November 21, 2008

Obamamania fades in Kenya

Aggregated from: Wonkie - A cartoon blog

Obamamania is finally fading across the world as Mr Obama comes to terms with the magnitude of the mess he has landed in. He has a lot on his plate and mostly back on home ground - from the dire financial crisis and Iraq to health care - there is no shortage of challenges. Still, surprisingly,...

November 20, 2008

Obama Looking Increasingly Centrist

Aggregated from: PoliGazette

With about only 60 days left until inauguration day I am becoming increasingly hopeful that Barack Obama will govern like Bill Clinton did; as quite a centrist rather than a leftist Democrat. Not only has Obama started to surround himself by (former) Clintonistas, which is a hopeful sign indeed, it ...

Access to Family is a Human Right

Aggregated from: VivirLatino

Regardless of what you think of undocumented immigration, I think we can all admit that there's some serious problems surrounding the issue of 'immigration' here in the U.S.. But what may be more difficult to admit to is the problems with incarceration in the U.S. that immigration exposes. Take, f...

November 19, 2008

U.S. Immigration Policy : Women and Children Last

Aggregated from: VivirLatino

When rescuing people from the proverbial sinking ship, it used to be women and children first. Pero, as we struggle to survive in the wounded battleship that is the United States, immigrant women and children are the first to be thrown overboard. A study released last week by the Center for Public...

November 16, 2008

The George W. Bush Freedom Fence

Aggregated from: JOTMAN

According to a recent analysis in The Economist, the wall being built along the US-Mexican border simply doesn't make any sense. It is the wost of both worlds. The news magazine writes: "America is creating a barrier that is at once much too porous and rather too tight."However, the wall is well on...

Ted Turner, global citizen

Aggregated from: JOTMAN

The single most unfortunate business transaction of the second half of the twentieth century was the day CNN founder Ted Turner sold the network to TimeWarner.On Tuesday Turner gave CNN's Lou Dobbs a piece of his mind. Voicing disagreement with the host's position against Mexican migrant workers i...

November 15, 2008

Obama Website on Immigration

Aggregated from: VivirLatino

As Mala pointed out several times, immigration simply wasn't an issue discussed during the presidential debates at all. So it's good to know that Obama has created the space on his "pre-election" website to discuss exactly what he intends to do about the 'problem' of immigration: Create Secure Bord...

CNN Does A Hit Job On Obama

Aggregated from: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying

I just watched a hit job on Barack Obama on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. In their "Keeping Them Honest" segment Tom Foreman looked at Obama’s press conference and said that Obama was pulling back on his campaign promises. This was news to me since I had listened to the enti...

Call for stories regarding the new HPV vaccination mandate

Aggregated from: VivirLatino

Please pass the word around, this is incredibly important! Do you know a young woman or family member that has been affected? In July 2008, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) added five new vaccinations to the list of required immunizations for immigrants seeking legal permanent res...