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December 9, 2008

A Possible Solution?

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For the Democratic ticket?Source...

Story Behind the Picture

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See this picture?And this is what you don't see (but can read):-A steep descent brings Clinton's plane to Charleston's hilltop airport. After an appropriate wait, she steps from the plane and pretends to wave to a crowd of supporters; in fact, she is waving to 10 photographers underneath the airplan...

Our Next Minister of Foreign Affairs?

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We may not have a black president, but Chloé Mortaud, our newly elected Miss France, is as diverse as they come. She has an African-American mother and a white French father. She is also a dual citizen of France and the United States. Oh, and she speaks Chinese. “I want to incarnate …...

This is brilliant…

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…and ever so slightly creepy. Have a good weekend, folks: (Tip of the hat to Bob Cesca.) ...

December 4, 2008

Michelle Obama’s fashion dilemma

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A dozen inauguration balls to go to, and Michelle Obama hasn’t got a thing to wear! Or at least: a dozen designers are assuming she hasn’t got a thing to wear - because they’ve essentially pitched for the job of dressing America’s new First Lady by sketching inauguration fas...

Bangladesh: Bangla Town in New York

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Farid at Bangla in Use Globally posts some pictures of the Bangla Town in New York, USA. ...

Have yourself a Barry little Christmas

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Yes, and others are starting to sell Barack Obama Christmas cards and gifts. Here are just a few of the 420 (count ‘em!) designs available: Oops. Not sure how that last one got in there… *Looks upwards and whistles*. (Hat-tip: AK Muckraker.) ...

Peggy Agar’s sweetie rematch

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It is probably the best kept secret in the blogosphere, but remember back when Presidential candidate Barack Obama called a reporter Sweetie? Then he apologized and promised to give her an interview later. Well, someone left a message on a thread here earlier today saying Agar was going to get her...

December 3, 2008

France: From “Yes we Can!” to “Yes you Must!”This is a Photos postThis is a Video post

read Amazed Parisians are still reeling after discovering billboards featuring President Sarkozy, pictured as U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, after Shepard Fairey's famous poster, with the wonders working comment Yes We Can! Suzanne Lehn gives us a chronological break down of what happened and how the Yes We Can slogan became Yes We Must!