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May 21, 2008

Warren Buffett endorses Obama

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Warren Buffett endorses ObamaWarren Buffett, the world's richest man, is backing Barack Obama in the White House race, as he tells CNN's Becky Anderson....

February 27, 2008

Race and Gender in US Presidential Politics

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Democracy Now! | Race and Gender in Presidential Politics: A Debate Between Gloria Steinem and Melissa Harris-Lacewell MELISSA HARRIS-LACEWELL: And so, to pretend that we can somehow take [race and gender] out of the conversation when a white woman runs against a black man, when she tears up at bein...

February 5, 2008

On the Victory of Barack Obama in Iowa

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Visual diversity means little. The white man has convinced us, and some of their own no doubt, that they are a homogenous group. Believe me, if black people did not exist in the world, white people would get on with the far more important work of killing other white people. However, since we do exi...

February 4, 2008

Debate on Barack Obama.

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Democracy Now! | Barack Obama and the African American Community: A Debate with Michael Eric Dyson and Glen Ford: The above link will take you to an excellent debate on DemocracyNOW concerning the impact of Barack Obama and the implications of an Obama presidency on black people. I especia...