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November 4, 2008

Let's be real. It doesn't matter who wins.

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US '08 Elections My opinion on the USA elections? I don't care. It doesn't matter who wins. Whoever wins will not affect the Philippines or the whole world AT ALL. Obama or McCain will not be able to solve and help us with our problems here. USA claims that they take care of the whole world. They c...

Little Brown Brothers

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The fact that an African-American has been chosen as the presidential candidate of a major political party is already a great achievement for the United States of America that gave its colored minority much of their freedoms only some forty years ago. The idea that Barack Obama, the son of a Ken...

Asia: Bloggers anxiously await results

As millions of Americans step into the polls today, Asians are snoozing away and will soon wake up to the news of who will be next to head the world’s most powerful country. Before they went to bed, however, bloggers across Asia about what they hoped and expected to find out when they wake up.

Landslide … Avalanche … Tsunami Tuesday

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    No surprises, no game changers: Pinoys for Obama stay confident     MANILA – Filipinos predict a landslide victory if not an avalanche or a tsunami today for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama as the newly elected Commander-in-Chief of the United States, two months before his histori...

November 3, 2008

Battleground blitz!

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      Obama 54%, McCain 43% as ex-red states Arizona, North Dakota turn bluish     MANILA – With less than 24 hours to the conclusion of the most historic race to the White House in recent memory, Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois is poised to be elected tomorrow and...

2008 Is a Long Ways Away from 1908, But Still…

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It all seemed to be going so well. A quick war toppling an oppressive regime to free the poor masses from tyranny, a sound plan surely… However, all did not go quite according to plan, the oppressed masses sparked a bloody insurgency and the U.S. death toll grew higher by the day, the week, th...

Filipino Bloggers: Antidote to ‘Election Addiction' is Reality Check

An overwhelming majority of non-Americans are asking, “What’s next?” now that the US presidential campaign comes to an end this week. Blogs from around the world are asking the same question. However, Filipino bloggers this week have been more active than usual now that the “soap opera” they’ve been religiously following is about to have its climatic conclusion.

President of Earth Elections

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President of Earth elections *Disclaimer: It might not appear that way, but this post is more about perception than politics. Jowett pointed me to this CNN blog that said Filipinos prefer McCain over Obama. Citizens of the Philippines and Georgia were the only ones who preferred McCain to O...

2008: The birth of the Idealistic Era

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With Nov 4 only a few steps around the corner, a victor is visibly in sight. Not Obama. Definitely not McCain. No, the victor is the electorate, particularly Latinos (2008-latino-voter-survey) and the youth (2008-youth-voter-trends). There is a chorus from conservatives and liberals alike of how mob...

November 2, 2008

Philippines: McCain will win

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Loy meets World from the Philippines believes US Senator John McCain will pull off the biggest upset in US presidential elections history. ...