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November 17, 2008

Shabola slams Obama

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Shabola released a new song about Obama and the over joy reaction for his victory in the Arab World.Shabola believes that we should not put a lot of hope on Obama because the dream can turn in to a nightmare like what he chanted.I can't blame him ,we should put too much hope.Strangely Shabola used t...

November 16, 2008

The GOPs plan for 2012 from now

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Because they are practical people ,because they do not cry for the spilled milk the Republicans in America began to think about the Presidential elections in 2012 from now.They don't waste their time and they don't count that Obama may or may not succeed in bringing change. The names of the 2012 GOP...

20 Countries

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20 Countries in the World according to an American Presidential order in 2004 were an open playground to the American army to lauch raids whenever where ever in those 20 countries it wants. I guess some of you have read the NYT important report that there was a 2004 secret order from Bush to th...

Obama spoke to Mubarak

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Well sooner or later this phone call had to be made ,Mubarak was in the second of world leaders Obama spoke to. I wonder if next year Mubarak will visit D.C or not as he used to do years before our relations with Washington turned from bad to worse. For Sure America needs Egypt in the region and ...

To our Ahmed and Ahmed the terrorists

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To our Ahmed and Ahmed the terroristswho tend to get arrested in American airports for bloggingrecommendedhilariousfirst time I saw it pissed my pants laughing...

November 15, 2008

The Sins of Our Fathers !!

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Rahm Emmanuel apologized officially to the Arab American Anti-discrimination group for what his father has said. His Father Dr. Benjamin Emmanuel who used to be a member in the Irgun terrorist group made an interview with Israeli Ma’ariv. He answered a question regarding the loyalty of his so...

Barack : Shut Up

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I have just known a very disturbing Piece of information that BARACK in Swahili means "Blessed" which means by its turn in Arabic "Mubarak" Already Swahili as far as I see it got too many words from Arabic language thanks to Islam and the Arab traders. Anyhow now Barack Obama is Mubarak Obama !! Di...

An Easy Test for Obama and a Nice Gesture, Too

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Here's an easy test for Obama as regards the Middle East.Hundreds of Africans, black Africans, have been attempting to get into Israel via Egypt by illegally crossing the Sinai desert and sneaking across the border which, unfortunately, is fairly porous. It's a situation Israel could be addressing b...

Ok Egypt is just like Syria in the eyes of Obama

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Oh this really shows how rocky our relations with the States and the new comer to the White House will be Egypt is just like Syria ,both Obama will work on improving the relations with !!?? I mean I used to know just everybody else that the States had worse relations with Syria than with Egypt and ...

November 13, 2008

Obama and the peace process

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Beyond whether who he will appoint to handle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, President Obama has to choose what kind of approach he will pursue. Two Arab diplomats (a Palestinian and an Egyptian) who are peace process veterans wrote this powerful op-ed advocating a hands-on approach that shuns the...