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November 13, 2008

Friends of Lebanon - One Week On, a letter to Barack Obama

Aggregated from: Palestine Think Tank

Dear Mr Obama: Tell me we haven’t been bamboozled. We need the change you promise, but something just doesn’t seem right. After eight years under a Bush administration that engendered misery at home and around the world, the United States had found itself distrusted, scorned and ...

November 7, 2008

The Arab World Reacts to Rahm Emanuel's Appointment

It was announced this morning that President-Elect Barack Obama had selected Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. Emanuel, who served as a top adviser to President Bill Clinton and is now a member of the House, is known in the U.S. for his aggressive determination. His service ...

November 6, 2008

Obama nominates neocon for Chief of Staff

Aggregated from: Lebanese Chess

In another signal to the Middle East that Obama may not be all the change he claims to be, the US president-elect has nominated an Israeli-American, Rahm Emanuel, as Chief of Staff.Emanuel, an Orthodox Jew, was an Israeli Army volunteer during the first Gulf War, while his father Benjamin M. Emanuel...

Israel takes first pot shot at Obama

Aggregated from: Lebanese Chess

If there is any sign that Israel is weary of Obama's election, Tzipi Livni gave it today.The Israeli Foreign Minister, and Prime Minister hopeful, sought to distance her country's approach to Iran from Obama's declared desire to open dialogue with Tehran.Livni's comments come as a veiled warning to ...

November 5, 2008

Voices from Lebanon: Reactions to President-Elect Barack Obama

As the excitement of November 4 wears off and reality sets in, Voices without Votes will continue to follow reactions from around the globe. Today, however, Lebanese bloggers are still buzzing over the election of new President-Elect Barack Obama. While some are excited to see Obama take ...

Obama projected to win

Aggregated from: Lebanese Chess

A centre-left wave is sweeping across America.Obama is, thus far, heading into a landslide victory. Consult the sources below to follow the coverage state-by-state.The Democrats are set to gain control of the US Senate, heading for the magic 60 Senate seats. Nancy Pelosi will become one of the most ...

Who will be a better friend to Lebanon, Obama or McCain?

Aggregated from: Ya Libnan

Despite the clear evidence provided by the Iraq adventure and its fallout of the limits of American power in the Middle East, the new president will assume control of the world’s only superpower, with the global ambitions and huge military budget to match. This ensures that American policy wi...

November 4, 2008

The American Southern Lebanese Vote for Obama

Aggregated from: Egyptian chronicles

The American Southern Lebanese whose families were victims of the American bombs in the Lebanon July 2006 war are voting for Obama. Even the Christian Southern Lebanese Americans who are republicans will vote for Obama because they believe McCain will drag the world in to war Source : http://www.al...

After Obama Victory, What to Expect in Middle East

Aggregated from: Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place

Let’s assume for a second that Barack Obama wins tomorrow’s election.  I’m not going out on a limb with that one.  But what kind of policy can we expect from him regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?  That kind of prognostication gets into tougher territory. But befo...

October 30, 2008

Working With Iran To Neutralize It

Aggregated from: PoliGazette

Author and former CIA case officer Robert Baer said in an interview published Wednesday that the main problem with Iran is not its nuclear project but its imperial aspirations. According to Baer, Iran has used an “anti-colonial” message to make itself more popular in the region. The Mull...