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November 26, 2008

Will Obama save the Middle East?

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The New Yorker thinks all these big names might work: The team of Barack (Grandpa Was a Muslim) Obama, Hillary (I’m a Clinton) Clinton, and Rahm (Israel) Emanuel (that’s his real middle name! and he was a volunteer with the I.D.F. during the 1991 Gulf War!), with Joe Biden and Bill Cli...

What We've Been Expecting: Scowcroft & Brzezinski

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Excerpts and, of course, my comments in bracketed italics:Middle East Priorities For Jan. 21...When Obama takes office in two months, he will find a number of difficult foreign policy issues competing for his attention, each with strong advocates among his advisers. We believe that the Arab-Israeli ...

November 25, 2008

‘Chekhovian Resolution’: Donald Byrd Speaks on Israel-Palestine

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Byrd's Chekhovian Resolution: can dance capture the blood, pain and suffering of this conflict? (Mike Urban/Seattle PI) Last Saturday, I attended an amazing artistic event.  Donald Byrd’s contemporary dance group, Spectrum Dance Theater, performed his political-artistic meditation on the Is...

November 22, 2008

Hillary Clinton: a good Secretary of State?, Thomas Ash

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A picture of Barack Obama's cabinet is starting to emerge, and it is not pleasing his more left-wing supporters. Some of them were already unhappy about the appointment of Clintonites like Rahm Emmanuel. Now, the New York Times is reporting that Hillary Clinton will almost certainly become...

November 21, 2008

Global: On Obama's Cabinet Choices

Two weeks since Barack Obama was elected president and a little less than eight weeks away from his inauguration, and world bloggers have commented on every move the he’s been making and every post he’s assigned.

November 16, 2008

Ron Paul on CNN ; Too Little Too Late

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Finally CNN gives Ron Paul a forum to voice his long-overdue points of view. Butthe election was last week! It is a true shame that this esay was not printed during the primaries last season, which might have changed the Republican choice from the sacrificial lamb McCain to a true Conservative who a...

Tell ‘em, Keith.

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A constitution is not something you can just change at will with contradictory additions in order to target minorities. I'm pretty sure doing so isn't democracy.The thing is, why aren't people rioting yet? Do you know who this kind of legislation hurts? Sure, it hurts gay people. It hurts gay fa...

November 15, 2008

The Sins of Our Fathers !!

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Rahm Emmanuel apologized officially to the Arab American Anti-discrimination group for what his father has said. His Father Dr. Benjamin Emmanuel who used to be a member in the Irgun terrorist group made an interview with Israeli Ma’ariv. He answered a question regarding the loyalty of his so...

November 13, 2008

Friends of Lebanon - One Week On, a letter to Barack Obama

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Dear Mr Obama: Tell me we haven’t been bamboozled. We need the change you promise, but something just doesn’t seem right. After eight years under a Bush administration that engendered misery at home and around the world, the United States had found itself distrusted, scorned and ...

A Rough Guide to Obama…

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Richard Sanders lays out Obama's record and positions clearly. I hope those who supported Obama in the presidential election -- mostly out of fear of McCain-Palin and seeing themselves stuck within the limited parameters of the two party duopoly -- face these realities. It is important that we look ...