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October 28, 2008

Weekend War Report : U.S. Attacks Syria and Pakistan

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Talk of expanding U.S. military actions has moved from the table of talking heads and into reality, again. The U.S. military was busy this weekend,launching two separate attacks, one in Syria and the other in Pakistan. Local residents in a Syrian border town said that American forces killed se...

Syrian view of US attack on village

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An attack like the one carried out yesterday was the first of its kind against Syria -- a country with which the US is not at war. A Syrian BBC listener who was in the village at the time told the BBC that the raid had enraged local residents. He said:I live less than two miles (three kilomet...

This Is Another Country dear

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Yesterday a U.S army helicopter entered the Syrian borders attacking and killing 8 innocent construction workers who did nothing wrong except that they were in Al-Boukamal area near the Iraqi borders !! Here is the news from SANA and also from Haaretz . Now can you tell what was this U.S helicopte...

US attack on Syria

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If any good fight will do, why not pick one with the weakest US adversary in the region? IHT reports on a potentially serious incident of aggression by the US against Syria:U.S. military helicopters attacked an area along Syria's border with Iraq Sunday, killing eight people, the Syrian government ...

October 10, 2008

They had it Coming

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“So is it you [the Syrians] or the Iranians next on the American list?” Asked a friend of mine in a recent IM conversation, and continued with the following statement “well since both Syria and Iran are democracies and the people elected their governments and can hold them accounta...

Lebanon: ‘Kidnapped' Amercian Journalists Found in Syria Jail

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Tony Bey, from Lebanon, reports that two missing American journalists have been found - detained in Syria. ...

October 1, 2008

Dear American Voter

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In less than six weeks the American people will be casting their votes for their next President. The 2008 Election Campaign has proven to be one of the most historically important, with regard to both gender and race. There has been an incredible amount of interest in the 2008 election campaign, not...

September 26, 2008

Democracy Vs. Idiocracy

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The following argument will be based on the theorem that the masses are genuinely stupid. Therefore, the notion of choosing a leader of a given group or organization by the process of popular vote is mistakenly called a democracy while in fact it is utter idiocracy. Let’s take the current ...

September 17, 2008

Syria: No Chrome for Syrians

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Syrian Yaser Sadeq says Google new browser Chrome is not available in Syria because “our friends in Google corp. have decided or agreed to withhold their services from syrian users as part of the embargo by the U.S government against Syria.” ...

September 5, 2008

From Sarah with love !!

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Here is Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech in front of the RNC convention. She paid back to Obama after all that attack on her experience in a woman way. First here is the video , it is long somehow but it is worth to watch this republican circus. Now here are my remarks about this speech : ...