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October 29, 2008

Sing Along to the White HouseThis is a Video post

Talent is pouring out from all corners of the globe in support of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Here are some songs celebrating the Illinois Senator from Ghana, Japan and Germany.

October 3, 2008

Debate Watch: The Global Twittersphere Favors Biden

Throughout the campaign thus far, Voices without Votes has been keeping an eye on the Twittersphere. Last week, we followed our global Tweeps (that's Twitterspeak for "friends") as they commented on the first presidential debate. Tonight, we followed those same Tweeps (and a few newcomers), spread out around ...

August 29, 2008

Live-Tweeting the DNC: Reactions to Barack Obama's Speech

Continuing our coverage of the Twittersphere's response to the Democratic National Convention, we move forward to reactions to Barack Obama's speech. Obama, who took the stage at 10:15 EST, started by thanking the audience profusely, for which he received some teasing from amiraalhussaini and nplaughlin. As the speech begins, African ...

June 13, 2008

Global: Kucinich Calls for Bush Impeachment

On Monday, June 10, Representative (D-OH) and former presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich spoke to the House of Representatives, listing 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush. His speech went on for nearly five hours. The case which Kucinich presented included crimes such as "manufacturing a false ...

June 11, 2008

West Africa Becomes Dump for Electronics Waste Disposal

Aggregated from: AfricanLoft

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries agreed to a law that aims to stop the flow of electronic waste from being dumped in Africa and Asia. But Consumer International’s Luke Upchurch says this has not stopped the dumping of end-of-life electronics in what he desc...

NYU Medical Student Helps Create Africa’s first Medical Network in Ghana

Aggregated from: AfricanLoft

Linking physicians to a single network has profound implications for a country’s health care system. With that in mind, Brian Levine, a fourth year medical student at the New York University school of medicine, decided to set up an online social networking site so doctors all over Ghana could...

April 22, 2008

Carter attests to Obama's worldwide support

Aggregated from: The World Wants Obama Coalition

Globetrotting former U.S. President Jimmy Carter says he's found strong support for Barack Obama during his recent trips to Africa and Asia. Carter says Obama was the favorite in his travels to Ghana, Nigeria and Nepal. He says "world opinion is strongly supportive of Obama, that's all we hear." (AP...

March 10, 2008

Massive Obama victory in Democrats Abroad primary

Aggregated from: The World Wants Obama

22,755 Americans living abroad cast votes in the Democrats Abroad primaries. The map below demonstrates that Americans living in most countries favoured Obama. Although The World Wants Obama is most interested in the views of non-Americans, these results reinforce the evidence we've gathered of Sena...