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January 13, 2009

U.S Navy to Lead Fight Against Somali Pirates

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A U.S. Navy commander will lead a new international force to battle pirates off the coast of Somalia, officials said Thursday, according reports from Associated Press. More than 20 nations are expected to take part in the mission once it is fully under way later this month. The announcement Thursday...

August 20, 2008

Bush Administration to blame for Somalia's troubles

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The US may be largely to blame for Somalia plight, but you wouldn't know that unless you read the entire NY Times article, blogs Rick at Ten Percent. The lede of the article asks why lots of foreign aid money isn't fixing Somalia's problems (as if that's the main question Americans should be aski...

March 10, 2008

Massive Obama victory in Democrats Abroad primary

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22,755 Americans living abroad cast votes in the Democrats Abroad primaries. The map below demonstrates that Americans living in most countries favoured Obama. Although The World Wants Obama is most interested in the views of non-Americans, these results reinforce the evidence we've gathered of Sena...

March 5, 2008

No Terrorist Here, Just 3 Women and 3 Children.

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A U.S. airstrike this morning targeting a “known al-Qaeda terrorist” in Somalia destroys two houses, approximately the size of my bedroom, killing 3 women, 3 children and no terrorists. Yes in Somalia, which I believe has to its credit, one working escalator and 3 color T.V.’s Pic...

March 3, 2008

Somalia/USA: Somali elders for Obama

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Royale Somali blogs about Somali elders supporting Obama in Ohio: “I heard that a lot of Somali elders in Ohio who are also American citizens would be going to caucus for Obama , dressed like that notorious photo. Ohio has a large Somali community around 20 Thousand.” ...