Stories Portugal from October, 2008

Political Clashing in Portuguese Blogs

The Portuguese blogosphere is in the midst of a controversial discussion about the US elections. Reading the blogs, one feels that the bloggers are talking about a Portuguese campaign, given...

Portuguese Bloggers Analyze U.S. Campaigns

Portuguese bloggers are gearing up for the upcoming U.S. elections. Like bloggers everywhere, they have strong opinions about what's best for the United States. Carlos Santos has a PhD in...

Will the elections end up in another Bradley effect?

Bloggers throughout Brazil have promoted a new banner in support of Barack Obama, in which the race question is imbued. The "Não vote em branco" strap line has a simple but yet clever word play: in Portuguese, it means both at the same time: "Don't cast a blank vote" and "Don't vote for a white person."

Racism on the Republican Trail?

Just three weeks away from the November 4 election and things are heating up on the campaign trails, specifically the trails of Republican candidates Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah...

Election Insights from Portugal

In his debut post on Voices without Votes, Portuguese blogger Nuno Gouveia writes about the media frenzy surrounding the US election in his country. Read this post to find out why are the Portuguese so interested in the race to the White House and what are their impressions on the latest presidential debate.