The U.S. in Africa

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February 22, 2008 @ 14:35 UTC

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Kenya, Tanzania
International Relations

Yesterday I posted a piece on Tanzania’s less than warm reception for Bush. On the other end of the spectrum, the Economist gives Bush a passing grade on his relationship with Africa. Citing the success of PEPFAR. But the economist’s lauding of the program is in such stark contrast to what Pambazuka authors contend!

What suprised me in the economist article is that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia is actively lobbying for “the Pentagon to put the headquarters of its Africa Command (AFRICOM) in her country, not least because it would make it much harder for ragtag rebels to mount another coup”.

I know that Kenya was being considered for this but I wonder if the election violence has spared us having a U.S. military on our soil. Goodness knows the Brits have done us no good and especially not the women they’ve been raping an violating over the years. It barely makes sense why Liberia would want a base there but why do other African countries actively want the U.S. military on their soil?

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