Iran: Obama's Change Rhetoric Similar to Iran's Politicians

Despite the fact that there have been no political relations between Iran and United States since 1980, Iranian bloggers continue to write about the US presidential elections, comparing the candidates with their own politicians in Iran.

Writing in Farsi, Arash in his blog, Sunny Nights, believes that this time is Democrat Party’s turn to play. He also adds:

سیستم طوری طراحی شده که اصولاً هر وقت دمکرات ها می آیند سر کار، آزادی های بیشتری مردم کسب می کنند و پول زیادتری دست مردم هست و وقتی جمهوری خواه ها سر کار هستند؛ دولت و تصمیماتش حالت مذهبی تر پیدا می کنه. (مثلاً تصمیماتشون در زمینه سقط جنین و ازدواج همجنس بازها)

The system has been designed in a manner when Democrats come to power, people have more freedom and gain more money, and when Republicans come to power, the government and its policies become more religious, for instance, with the laws concerning homosexuality and abortion.

Arash also compares Obama with candidates in Iran and says:

باراک اوباما که در سخنرانی هاش از یه تغییر صحبت می کنه (مثل وعده های کاندیداها در جمهوری اسلامی) که هیچ کی هم نمی دونه منظورش از این تغییر چیه، از حزب دمکرات نفر اول شد، هیلاری کلینتون که رقیب اصلی باراک اوباما به شمار می آید، نفر سوم شد.

Barack Obama talks about a change in his speeches (like candidates in Iran) and no one knows what he means by this change, is ahead in the race, among Democrats and Hillary Clinton, who is Barack Obama’s main rival, could be the third one.

Meanwhile, Hasan Bananej writes about the nominees’ logos and asks which logo is the best. He himself prefers Obama’s and says:

به نظرم این لوگو علی رغم سایرین، حرفی برای گفتن دارد و پشت آن خورشیدی که در کنار پرچم آمر

In my opinion, this logo, contrary to the others has something to say, and the sun rising next USA flag, is a good idea.

Also from the Farsi blogosphere on Voices without Votes:

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  • Haha, I never thought I would see Obama compared to religious leaders in Iran. Thank you for this post. It’s good to be reminded how different things look around the world.

  • bijan mostafavi

    whatever the result(s) of presidential elections, the way the world is governed is the same preplanned and predestined one. in my opinion there is no real democracy, secret hands play puppets. it is a kind of dirty trick, a real misdirection a kind of misleading. its a shame people throughout the world dont understand politicians are on good terms and ties with each other, all deceive people. these are different performances of the same competence. all want oil, money, sex, power and name and fame. haha at least they cant deceive me, thanks God for the genious he gave me,thanks God.

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