The Global movement supporting Obama is growing

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April 5, 2008 @ 0:59 UTC

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Kenya, Iraq, Egypt, Tanzania, Palestine, South Africa
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All around the world an energetic and unprecedented movement is growing in support of Senator Obama's candidacy to be the 44th US President. Some examples of the worldwide movement include:

  • In Trinidad, calypso legend The Mighty Sparrow sings that America could “regain worldwide respect with Obama’s vision”, and in Jamaica reggae star Cocoa Tea adds “This is not about class nor color, race nor creed. It's about the changes, what the Americans need.”
  • In Egypt, a humanitarian worker has written letters to dozens of superdelegates urging them to back Obama.
  • In China a dramatic Obama rally is being planned on the Great Wall.
  • In Gaza, a Palestinian student has been making hundreds of campaign phone calls to the US over the internet, whenever he has electricity and is not under Israeli bombardment.
  • In Kenya, Obama is so popular that a beer has been named after him!
  • On the internet there over 40 international Obama fan groups on Facebook, many with more than 500 members, focused on Denmark, France, Indonesia, Tanzania and many other countries. There are also dozens of blogs and websites (see listings in the sidebar).

And wherever opinion polls have been conducted, comparing him with Clinton and McCain, Senator Obama is consistently the favourite candidate by a wide margin, for example:

  • 74% in Japan
  • 71% in Brazil
  • 68% in Holland
  • 64% in South Africa
  • 61% in Britain
  • 54% in Iraq
  • 48% in Switzerland
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