April, 2008

Stories from April, 2008

Canadians for Obama

Canadians, the northern neighbors to the United States, have a lot at stake in the upcoming elections. A plethora of "Canadians for Obama" groups have cropped up on Facebook, including Canadians for Barack Obama, and Canadians Supporting Barack Obama. A website representing Canadian fans of Obama helps to organize Canadian volunteers for Obama's campaign.

No Brownie Points for McCain in Iraq

Iraqi bloggers gave US presidential hopeful Senator John McCain a lukewarm reception, during his recent visit to Iraq. One describes the visit as illegal, the other says Baathists would welcome seeing a Republican president continuing in the Oval Office and the third is adamant that Americans will elect McCain - no matter what the world thinks.

John McCain visit to Iraq is not welcomed and a failure

JM surprised and undercover visit to Iraq meeting with his occupying mercenaries is illegal and against the sovereignty of the country. However this man behaves just like his master GWB...

The logic of Cannibals

I don't want to be a Cassandra in disguise — But I'll bet you anything, that the Americans will vote for Mc Cain — another one, again… A hopeless case....

Caribbean, Latin Music Videos for Obama

World citizens have created a string of campaign songs in support of American presidential candidate Barack Obama that are so good his campaign ought to compile them and sell them on an album.

McCain's Fact-Finding Mission to Israel

During his recent visit to the Middle East, Senator John McCain grabbed the headlines of Israeli blogs, with some bloggers hailing his visit and others questioning its motives.

Iran: Hillary or Obama – America is the Winner

Iranian bloggers continue to watch the US elections closely, drawing parallels between the elections in the US and that on their own turf. While Ron Paul is a favourite for one blogger, a prominent female blogger is excited about Senator Hillary Clinton's prospects - saying that her nomination as a woman for her country's top office is something impossible to replicate in Iran.