Global: Kucinich Calls for Bush Impeachment

On Monday, June 10, Representative (D-OH) and former presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich spoke to the House of Representatives, listing 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush. His speech went on for nearly five hours. The case which Kucinich presented included crimes such as “manufacturing a false case for war” and “detaining indefinitely and without charge persons both U.S. citizens and foreign captives,” as well as torture.

Kucinich is not the first to suggest Bush be impeached.  Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney did so in 2006.  Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, called to impeach Bush in 2007.

Bloggers jumped on the story, sharing their views on Kucinich's accusations. The Haitian Blogger tells the story:

“The house is not in order” said the gentleman from Ohio and former Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich yesterday before for a dramatic five hours he read 35 articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush for “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Kucinich also named some of President Bush's accomplices; Dick Cheney and the White House Iraq Group or WHIG — Condoleezza Rice, Carl Rove, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin, James R. Wilkinson, Steven Hadley, I. Lewis Libby and Nicholas E. Calleo.

From India, Pickled Politics writes:

I’m a bit annoyed that the Democrats haven’t supported this a bit more strongly, given that the Republicans wanted to impeach Bill Clinton for a lot less. Liberals still continue to lack balls, I’d say. What’s also interesting is how much interest the story generated online. Kucinich’s website went down after a reported 100,000 people per hour were visiting it. The American media almost universally ignored it. Also on Huffington Post.
It’s time the Democrats grew some hairs on their chest and stopped worrying that trying to impeach Bush would damage their re-election chances. Though, admittedly, there is a chance it would rally the small, hardcore Bush base and make them come out during the election.

From Ghana, blogging for the, What Must Africa Do says the evidence is there:

The true fact is, all of the articles above is true, none can be disputed.

Article XXI [Misleading Congress and the American People About Threats from Iran, and Supporting Terrorist Organizations Within Iran, With the Goal of Overthrowing the Iranian Government] promulgate the false perception among the american politicians on Iran. Yet there Bush is blurting his european analogs in surmising Iran is a threat.

Puerto Rican blogger Gil the Jenius is surprised it took this long:

Here's a thought: The murderous moron has thus been accused with more Articles of Impeachement than all other past Presidents combined. He lasted eight years too long.

Window into Palestine expounds on the fact that the story was mostly ignored by major media:

  Everyone knows he's a crook, a liar and a thief.

Not to mention a traitor and an undicted felon, yet somehow George W. Bush skates on leading the
US to financial, economic, diplomatic, moral and even military ruin.

Last week, a US Congressman submitted articles of impeachment for the most obvious of Bush's crimes.

Was it reported? Did you see the footage on TV?


  • Bob

    Bush, the poor excuse for a conservative or compassionate man, needs to be impeached now. Pelosi should support this effort. It is long past due.

  • The word will not return void.

  • President Bush and VPCheney should be impeached–stripped of their pensions–visas–and entitled social security–any health coverage. Imprisionment would be tooooo good after all they would be with their friends–Enron etc..

  • President Bush and VP Cheney should be impeached::they definitely think they are above the law–Don’t forget Rumsfeld!!President Clinton was impeached for a white lie and unzipping his pants!!These guys needed impeached and punished–not prison–let them face the public shame!!What they have stole from the US gov. can’t be counted. Rep Kucnich has done the home work. –simply bring them before congress read the charges vote yes or no –in or out. No pensions, no life time health care, no secret service, no ssi, no housing stipends, no public transportation. Lets get the job done Ms. Pelose–you could be the first female president even for a day!!

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