Global: Who will McCain Pick as Vice President?

Condoleeza Rice? Mitt Romney? Rudi Giuliani? Ron Paul? Mike Huckabee? These are just some of the names circulating on blogs as to who presidential hopeful John McCain will pick as his running mate in the US elections race.

According to Canadian Darryl Wolk McCain should pick the current Secretary of State Rice. He argues:

McCain is a maverick and often defies his own party, but after gaining some ground at the recent faith discussions, picking (Tom) Ridge or (Joe) Lieberman could be very risky. I would say odds are increasing for Huckabee or a candidate like Gingrich who are more likely to be accepted by the base. I still strongly think McCain's best option is Ms. Rice.

In this term's hotly contested elections, Wolk explains:

McCain could be in a strong position to name a quality VP choice and go into the Republican convention with strong momentum leading into what will be the crunch time of this campaign. Despite the unpopularity of the Republican Party, McCain has hung in there in terms of polls against “the biggest celebrity in the world”. The fact that he is close to the margin of error and still very competitive in swing states means that this presidential race is still too close to call.

Wolk also lists all the likely candidates, who include Tim Pawlenty, Charlie Crist, Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and Tom Ridge, to name a few.

Weighing Rice's cons and pros, the blogger says:

Pro – I would argue the strongest chance for a female President in the near future. Seen as a moderate within the Bush administration. Great credentials and experience in foreign affairs. Young and African American. Probably the highest profile pick available.
Con – Tarnished by George W. Bush and his record. Seen as a failure by some as Secretary of State.

A Political Glimpse from Ireland announces that McCain has already selected Governor Romney as his running mate. The blogger notes:

I personally don’t think this is a bad choice considering Senator Obama is favored in most polls for handling the economy better than Senator McCain. A few frequent commentors on this blog have argued whether VP’s actually make the difference in an election however I think it comes down to perception… if people believe a VP Romney will be right there by McCain side’s advocating economic policies to fix the current economic recession then maybe McCain is the right person to vote for?


  • Tim

    YES YES YES Condoleeza Rice!!!! John Mcain be the Maverick pick the best qualified to beat the Obamanation. Condoleeza Rice for VP.

  • Tim

    John Mcain be the Maverick pick the best qualified to beat the Obamanation. Condoleeza Rice for VP.

  • Condoleeza Rice would be perfect for VP. She would have all the women voters and Hillary voters come over to McCain. Plus, balance all the Obama folks with a woman and a african american.

  • bruce

    McCain should change his name to McSame if he chooses Rice for his VP

  • o

    he should have Colen Powell as VP , he would win, BIG

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