The World Reacts to Sarah Palin's VP Nomination

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August 29, 2008 @ 21:42 UTC

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Less than twelve hours after Democratic presidential nomination Barack Obama made waves with his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, John McCain made tsunami with his selection of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as running mate. Palin was the youngest person ever, and the first woman to be elected to the Alaskan governate (in 2006), and previously served as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, and on the City Council of that same town.

The blogosphere reacted swiftly to the news. Czech blogger the reference frame thinks McCain's choice of Palin improves his prospects:

Sarah Palin (44), the governor of Alaska, and her life surely look fascinating and she will probably make McCain's GOP ticket much stronger (and certainly much younger! McCain is 72 today) but some of her attitudes make it slightly less clear what is she doing in the Republican Party (besides whistleblowing). ;-)

The Cuban author of
Babalu Blog
is clearly pleased with McCain's choice. Referring to Palin, she says:

She is a conservative Republican, pro-life, a free-trade capitalist, an NRA member. Oh, and she's a woman, if you missed that.

This should re-define the Obama's CHANGE slogan. The Republicans have a little change of their own up their sleeves, huh?

Russian blogger Laurence Jarvik wonders about the role gender will play in the election, saying:

At least McCain picked a fresh face…although how many Democratic women would cross party lines to vote for Sarah Palin is unclear. Ironic that Obama seems to be targeting the bitter white working class clinging to their guns, while McCain appears to be going after feminists.

Meanwhile, Turkish blogger talkturkey is annoyed that Palin's nomination has raised the gender card again:

Palin is a Governor, with executive branch experience, and brings a non-legislative approach to the race, since all three remaining males are Senators. But I am not sure if having a white female (and a virtual unknown) is going to persuade white women (possibly Hillary supporters — or whatever is left of them) to vote Republican instead of a man. Since it will still be a man at the top job . . .

In Kuwait, Teach the Masses is more interested in the example Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have set for young women:

So history will be made: for the first time either a) a black American will be in the white house as president or b) a woman as Vice president.

All in all this is a good lesson for the girls in our schools- they have seen through Hillary Clinton and now Sarah Palin what a woman with an education can do.

Finally, Egyptian Chronicles reminds us of the fact that no matter what happens, this year's election is making history:

She was the surprise of the day and the evidence that this race of the American elections 2008 is one of the most interesting races ever. All People expected after the huge of celebration of Obama in the NDC and choosing a foreign policies vet like Joe Biden as his Vice that the race was over and the republicans got nothing new to offer , even the expectations on who would McCain’s vice were not interesting.

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    1. beatrice Says:

      I’m a democrat will vote for McCain/Palin.

    2. paleoconservative Says:

      I’m a conservative who was going to forego this election.

      I will now proudly vote for McCain-Palin.

      I would not have voted for a McCain-Romney or McCain-Pawlenty or McCain-whoever ticket.

      McCain/Palin ’08!

    3. independent woman Says:

      Kiss the Polar Bears Goodbye. What good is the economy if we destroy the world. Palin wants to delist a threatened species to increase oil drilling in Alaska. More oil–more global warming. More global warming=no polar bears. Get your priorities strait. She may be a woman, but that’s not the change we need.

    4. Richard Daly Says:

      Look out ladies, if your goal is to get a female President, it’s really scairy as to how close you would be to that goal if the Mcain/Bush/Palin ticket was to win in November.
      Think about what is going on, an old man with failing memory and an old man’s temper. He would be calling Raoul, Fidel, much as he still thinks that Checkoslavakia is still a Nation.
      He’s dangerously old, mentally and physically.He’s forgetful !
      What this Country could wind up with with as a President within 4 yrs. would be an
      airhead, picked up off the street because she MIGHT steal some of Hillary’s followers.
      Even republicans should be able to see that.

    5. Richard Daly Says:

      I’m a republican will vote for Obama/Biden.

    6. lyndel Says:

      A number of us are greatly concerned about the integrity and truthfulness of Sarah Palin – her questionable ethics in accepting campaign money from VECO Oil, her role in the firing of Public Safety Commissioner – Walter Monegan, and the alleged lies and deception surrounding the pregnancy in her own family.

      A story circulating the Internet claims Sarah Palin is not the Mother of the Downs Syndrome Baby, Trig Palin, born last April 18, 2008? Instead, the real mother is Sarah’s 16 year old daughter, Bristol.

      It sounds incredible but a website has pictures and a video featuring Sarah and the capital, Juneau, dated April 5, 2008, taken just 13 days before the baby was born. In the video Sarah does not look like she is pregnant nor does she waddle like a woman 8 months pregnant as she strides in high heeled boots over the icy streets of the capital. View the video. See for yourself.

      Strangely, all the pictures of Sarah at the Alaska governor’s website: were removed after the baby story was posted on the internet. These were pictures proved she was not pregnant.

      People in Alaska say she surprised everyone with her announcement that she was 7 months pregnant in March. No one who worked with Sarah had known she was pregnant. She didn’t look pregnant, co-workers say.

      On April 17, 2008, Sarah was in Texas with Governor Rick Perry at a conference when she claimed her water broke. She went ahead and gave her 30 minute speech and later boarded an Alaskan Airline plane and flew back to Anchorage with a stop in Seattle. Baby Trig was born the next morning. What a difficult-to-believe story! Is an airline going to allow her to fly in that condition? Isn’t a birth imminent after a mother’s water breaks?

      The teen-age daughter had been enrolled in Anchorage High School, but she was kept out of school for several months before the birth of the baby. Her family said she was recovering from Mononucleosis.

      The family evidently wants to cover up the shame of having a daughter pregnant out of wedlock. Guess Sarah didn’t expect to receive the Republican nomination for VP when she devised this story.

      This is not just a story about the invasion of the privacy of a family. If this story is true, these lies and decptions reflect on the character of a woman who will be just one aging heart beat away from the Presidency.

      We don’t want another liar for a Vice President. We’ve had enough of liars in the White House during the last 8 years.

    7. Walt from Canada Says:

      Wow! Sounds like a good Republican!!!

    8. Lee Says:

      You know the Obama speeches about how fathers
      need to be responsible and not abandon their
      children’s mothers. What hypocracy for Obama’s
      attack dogs to now smear Palin’s family for their
      daughters pregnancy.DAILY KOS ARE SCUM BAGS !!!
      All you small minded people who are crucifying Governor Palin over the question of her fifth child, are just fueling a vicious smear campaign. Besides, if you want to exhibit your holier-than-thou attitude … why don’t you get even more angry at Obama, Michelle, and their children, for spending 20 years in an anti-American racist church, as well as associations with Farrakhan, Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc.. These facts are much more relevant to the next administration, than the possibility of a loving mother taking the heat to protect her child and grandchild.

    9. Jillian C. York Says:


      To that I say:

    10. Vee Says:

      I think Sarah Palin is indeed the mother of Trig. I also think that if she insisted on giving her speech on April 17th after her waters broke, and then insisted on going on that 8 hours flight back to Alaska, it was because she knew that doing so could easily kill the fetus, and hoped that it would – a form of passive abortion which would save her face with regard to her position about abortion. It didn’t work, and now she is saddled with a Down’s Syndrome child.

    11. Carolyn Says:

      why should the burden of Trig be placed on Bristol if she is pregnant? If a woman would turn her back on her children, especially a special needs baby, then what would she do if her role as vice president got tough. The truth about everything will come out because there is nothing done in darkness that will not be bought to light.

    12. Frank Bellet Says:

      I am very pleased to see Sarah Palin as the nominated VP for the Republicans. Contrary to what the far-left say, she has an excellent track record and will make far better VP that that hot-air (talk under water) Joe Biden, who along with Obama voted against the surge. The main reason the Far Left hate her is because she is pro life. McCain will win in November and he can thank Sarah for helping to make it so.
      Frank Bellet
      Queensland, AUSTRALIA

    13. jillbryant Says:

      Sarah Palin has a TERRIBLE record. She is a spend and borrow bureaucrat, and, even though her state has been doing very well in this time of high oil prices, she has been going after earmarks (and, of course, she was FOR the bridge to nowhere before she was against it and managed to keep the money for it to use elsewhere.)

      She cares less about experience of the people around her and more about their loyalty (sound like a President we are dealing with now) and is being investigated for abuse of power. She left the little town she was mayor of $22m in debt (when it had no debt when she came in), trying to deal with the poor management of her main project which has cost $1m more to settle the title, she borrowed to pay for roads that Alaska could’ve paid for with a bond…

      But – she is good to big oil – taxes went up 38% for the little guy but the corporations are doing better.

      She hasn’t thought much about Iraq by the way (they will tell her what to think, I’m sure) and with the very real threat of war with Iran (Bomb bomb Iran McCain is in charge and, the news is that we are fighting a proxy war with Iran in Iraq right now.)

      But – hey – economy sucks in the U.S., the middle class is carrying an ever increasing burden, everything is being privatized to much higher costs (that do not trickle down but stay with the CEO and Board) and our military is stretched so thin it can’t handle the situation it’s in now but…you know – she is pro-life so hey – bring it on.

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