Angola: Obama has already won

Angolan journalist Washington last year. Nearly one year after, he goes back to a story he sent back home from the U.S to reflect about the political scenario in the States now. Below is a translation from his blog in Portuguese, morrodamaianga, where he explains why Obama has already won:

“Next time I come around here, George Bush shall not be the President and it may well be the case that in his place there will be a woman (Hillary Clinton) or an African-American (Barrack Obama).
Both hypotheses are absolutely unprecedented in the history of this country, a political projection that certainly already frightens the conservative right wing, center and left wing Americans.
To say the truth, I no longer know what frightens these conservative [people] more, whether it is being governed by a totally blond woman or having a partially black president.”

About a year later Barack Obama has left the blond woman completely behind in a highly disputed and quarrelsome internal campaign and he is now the Democratic candidate for the forthcoming U.S. presidential elections planned for November.
Who would say so?
The enslavers of deep inside America (which still exist and are more than many) must not believe their eyes, nor their ears.
It is a real nightmare!
In other words, the world is getting ready to face a United States soon to be governed by a eloquent “black” [man], a fact still far from being a fait accompli, despite the many thousands of kilometers and speeches Obama has already run on the way to Washington DC.
It is difficult to make a right prediction, but now there are just two possibilities.
McCain or Obama.
May the best win, which is certainly our candidate.
It is not only because of the colour of his skin, which is like ours, but also because of the brilliance of ideas and glint of arguments, even though we know that it is possible the campaign's promises of change, particularly in foreign policy, will not go ahead even if he becomes the next tenant of the White House.
Campaigning and governance are distinct moments in the life of a politician who wants to come to power. Only when they are there we can proof of the pudding when it comes to coherence and consistency.
We will therefore have to wait a little longer.

Irving Wallace in his novel “The Man” described a situation where for the first time the United States were governed by a black [person].
Good to re-read this book, at a time when reality is about to overcome fiction.
In his famous best-seller, Wallace imagined, in the 60's, the arrival of the first black (Douglas Dilman) to power in the United States as a result of a fatality, that is, following the unexpected death of the elected President.
Now Obama may come to power as a result of the elections by a population that is largely white and conservative. Right-center, like McCain.
At this point, irrespective of the outcome that he might get in the end of the forthcoming clash, Obama has already won.
Obama's victory is also over those among us who continue to believe that humanity still moves on in accordance with their prejudices, hatreds and repression, where everything else is taken as “atypical”.
It turns out that the “atypical ones” are increasing in greater numbers to question “theories” and “thesis” which are no longer able to convince anyone, apart from their authors and their most faithful followers.
Last year, Obama said something that particularly moved me, and that for most part would have contributed to his extraordinary political success.
He said that if he doesn't win the elections it would not be because it he is black or because the United States are not yet prepared to have a non-white in the White House.
His failure would have been explained, he argued, only for the fact that he was unable to convince Americans with rational arguments to vote for him. Only that.
Obama has already convinced the Democrats, who are millions.
Now it is a matter of convincing others millions in a strange election where not always the one who has the majority of popular votes wins.
The current misery of the world, resulting of the election of George Bush over the environmentalist Al Gore, was due to this system, which for us is something absurd and surreal.

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