Egypt, Libya
International Relations

Libya got suddenly for the first time billions of Euros as a compensation for the Italian occupation.
Historically I do not recall any country received this compensation from its former invader before,it is a great thing for sure
I believe that the Billions Italy has paid will return to it as trillions , Libya got one hell of oil fortune and it seems that there is no place for American or French companies in this fortune only Italian companies.
I do not hate that Libya would be compensated , hell no I wish we are being compensated too.
By why  did not Italy compensate Ethiopia or Somalia in the same way
Now to Condi’s last visit to North Africa that did not include Egypt.
She did not meet our man but met with dictators of Libya and Tunisia , of course she went in to French influence areas except Libya
I do not understand what is going in Libya , Gaddafi is a dictator worse than Mubarak , yet Condi met with him.
I know that the Americans have to deal with him after all there are no obvious competitive powers ,the guy got rid of all his opponents.
From past experiences Gaddafi can harm Egypt and I do not want to see harm coming from the west.

The west all the time consider Gaddafi as a dictator and he is one why now he became their new best friend !?

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