What would you tell an American voter?

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September 23, 2008 @ 19:33 UTC

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This post was contributed to Mideast Youth by Sadaf Siddique, Project Manager of Dear American Voter.

While only Americans have the right to vote in the upcoming US presidential elections, the rest of the world is closely watching who will become the next leader of the world.

Dear American Voter

What is your message to American voters?

Should America withdraw from Iraq?

Should the US have a role in the Middle-East peace process?

Do you want your point of view heard?

Tell us what you think!

Dear American Voter, a project of Link TV, invites you to be a part of a global dialogue featuring responses from around the world to the question, “What should Americans think about as they cast their ballot?”

Watch global citizens in over 90 videos from over 22 countries talking about how American policies affect their lives.

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