Russophone Bloggers Discuss the U.S. Presidential Candidates

Last week, Israel-based LJ user avva asked (RUS) his Russophone readers – some of whom are eligible to vote in the upcoming U.S. election – whether they supported Barack Obama or John McCain, and for what reasons. The post generated over 300 comments from bloggers based in the United States, Israel, Canada and Russia.

Below are some of the responses, translated from Russian.

Russia-based LJ user ohtori:

“Both are worse” (a quote)

U.S.-based LJ user igorre25:

For Obama. Because I'm for the Democrats. Because I'm against the Republicans. Because they've been in power for too long and have done much harm, which I don't like.

LJ user aster_x86:

The latest Daily Show episodes have basically equalized the weight of both in my view… But I'm more for Obama than McCain, because now it's the Democrats' turn.

LJ user whichferdinand:

For Obama, because it's less likely that he'll start another war somewhere, and because the money not spent on yet another war will be invested in something wise, like medical insurance for the poor or prevention of global warming. And also because he isn't going to try to make it so that women find it harder to have an abortion.

U.S.-based LJ user madeinmoscow (ENG):


because i do not want ignorantly malicious idiots running this country anymore.

U.S.-based LJ user cema:

For McCain. First, he's much closer to the center. Second, he is not afraid to act the way he feels necessary, not just useful, rare for a politician. Third, he's not as [full of crap] as Obama. Unfortunately, I'm not a citizen here yet.

Russia-based LJ user fedor_s:

For Obama.

1. The war in Iraq and the crisis have started under Bush. Let the other team rule. Isn't that the point of a two-party system?
2. Last time the Republicans won in a somewhat [dishonest] way.
3. It's just that having a [black] president is fun.

Russia-based LJ user svilar:

For Obama. I don't follow the U.S. politics regularly and perhaps I've missed something, but every time I tune in, I get an impression that the Democrats are serving the rational demands of the electorate, while the Republicans serve as a channel for irrational outbursts. I've no opinion on comparative advantages of specific candidates.

Russia-based LJ user illyn:


Since I'm not going to be directly affected by America's internal affairs – I'm first of all for what's “our own.” For the intended right-wing foreign policy. A tough position of the right-wing couple on the Putins-Medvedevs – this is already clearly defined (the way I see it, but I may be wrong, of course). […]

U.S.-based LJ user kblcbka:

Turns out Avva's audience is full of Democrats! Well, here's one more. For the same reasons, more or less:

1. Let the other team rule
2. Don't want them to regulate my private life
3. Let them take and divide, I'm not greedy
4. Obama is fun


I didn't make myself clear: in item 2, I meant personal liberties, and in item 3, taxes. Exactly how much they'll be taking from me personally doesn't matter, because they won't take away all of it (in this case).

Israel-based LJ user toyvo:

If I were American, I'd be for McCain. I'm not familiar with his personal qualities, but a conservative economic platform is a lot closer to me, and their international [platform] will be the same, IMHO. But abortions and same-sex marriage don't allow me to decide for sure… Though it seems as if McCain is liberal enough in this respect… But this [woman] from Alaska… It's good that we aren't Americans, no? We've got a cute premier [Tzipi Livni] since Sunday, [a woman] :)

U.S.-based LJ user yuly:

For McCain!

He fits basically all the parameters: the economy, security, international terrorism, relations with Russia, energy independence. Social/medical insurance program seems somewhat weak to me, but at least it's achievable. And of course, his undeniable honesty.


1. His age, unfortunately.
2. His choice of Sarah Palin as VP, but in my opinion, she is better than Obama/Biden/

Obama – too much lies and empty promises. […]

U.S.-based LJ user yenissey:

A fantastically lousy selection to choose from. Alas, the only thing left in such conditions is to [unite against].

Obama. Why? On the one hand, much of the Republicans' program is better. But “if Yevtushenko is against collective farms, I am for them” (c) [Joseph Brodsky on Yevgeny Yevtushenko, quoted by Sergei Dovlatov] – an old warrior and a redneck in a skirt, a bunch that under no circumstances should be allowed to run anything more complex than a bike.

U.S.-based LJ user nagunak:

For Obama. For many reasons. Because I don't want to send taxes to Iraq anymore, when roads and bridges are collapsing in the United States, because “drill, baby, drill” is a slogan of idiots, because there is a slight hope that they'll cancel all the unconstitutional changes adopted by the “imperial presidents” Cheney and Bush.

Canada-based LJ user dragon_ru:

For Obama. I'm not expecting anything good from him, but under McCain we'd miss Bush as a very intellectual and thoughtful politician.

LJ user _rowan_tree_:

For Obama. He's a good organizer (to defeat [Hillary Clinton] isn't an easy task), and the Democrats' program is closer to me, especially in its centrist version :-) McCain is also okay, but if something happens to him, Palin would become president, and [everyone would regret it]. Biden, by the way, is also a rather dangerous character, but at least there fewer chances that he would become president.

U.S.-based LJ user marusja:

I'm not a citizens, but McCain isn't an option. He and [Sarah Palin] are kind of jumpy – may go to war with Russia all of a sudden.

U.S.-based LJ user yucca:

For Obama. He's got the brains and education, and he knows how to negotiate an agreement with people from different parties, and this is important for a president. The medicine part of his program is much better developed, McCain's medical program is no good. In education, I like it that he emphasized the importance of pre-school education. Also, they say he's picked a good team for himself.

I used to like McCain, but he has moved to the right significantly before the election, and a real enough perspective of having Sarah Palin as president makes me shudder.

Russia-based LJ user valery_pavlov:

If you look at the whole process from Russia, I think there's no difference whatsoever. It's like choosing between [United Russia and Fair Russia parties] […].

Russia-based LJ user imfromjasenevo:

great work :)

this is, by the way, the main goal of our propaganda machine – to convince [everyone] that in other countries the election is also a fiction.

LJ user dzz:

If I lived in the States, I'd vote for Obama. Neocons are too convinced that they are right and this has already created many problems. Besides, McCain is terribly predictable, and [with Obama], it's interesting to see what'll come out of it ;)

Russia-based LJ user amarao_san:

We are for a [color revolution] in the United States. We'd like for McCain to win and for Obama to start a [Maidan] over there for them, with [roses], oranges and other colors of life.

Israel-based LJ user emdin:

If I lived in the States, I'd be for Obama, but for Israel and Europe McCain is way better.

Israel-based LJ user pilpilon:

For McCain. Normally, Republicans don't interfere with Israeli affairs that often. And when they do, it's at least understandable what they want and why, often.

U.S.-based LJ user azbukivedi:

I'm actually for McCain, but I want to say something else here. Everyone is writing that we should choose the lesser evil, while I think that America hasn't had such an interesting choice in a long time. This is a new page in history, and it's not about race/sex. They are both bright, talented, love their country and want to change something in it. Their worldviews are different, and McCain's view is closer to mine, but I think America has nothing to be ashamed of in this election. Both are decent candidates, very little dirt in this election, almost everything is to the point and respectful.

Russia-based LJ user awas1952:

McCain – it's a worldwide economic crisis.

That's why I'd prefer McCain: a horrible end is better than a neverending horror.

The crisis is inevitable because too many economic contradictions have accumulated in the world. But Obama can postpone it and thus contribute to the accumulation of additional contradictions, making the crisis even tougher.

Russia-based LJ user very_thin_train:

Of course, for McCain. Because the worse it is for America, the better it is for Russia!

LJ user qaraabayna:

A plague on both your houses.

U.S.-based LJ user syarzhuk:

I'm for Ralph Nader.


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