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October 14, 2008 @ 3:44 GMT+0000

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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton
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Yesterday I chatted with Brendan, a Democrat Abroad volunteer living in Sydney. I started proceedings by giving ‘ol John McCain a friendly back-hander before we moved onto the Democrats absentee voting campaign and Sydney's strong support for Obama.

Finally, at right, I attempted to entice Brendan into some premature triumphalism plus some gratuitous Hilary-bashing but he graciously defended her hard work and loyal supporters with a few well-made points.

(apologies for the variable technical quality in Part B due to the so-called ‘Harbour Bridge road surface'. But really, it's a lame excuse so I've sacked my useless production team to ensure standards are maintained for next week's inaugural Cabpoll Face-Off !).

UPDATE: Brendan would also like to notify any American expats and others interested in US politics that Democrats Abroad offer a range of services, resources and contacts in addition to balloting and registration information. You're welcome to visit their website.

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