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While the Obama campaign filled out The Sanctuary's questionnaire on immigration and foreign policy issues the McCain campaign remained silent. In the debates both candidates have been silent on this issue.

After three debates involving the Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin candidates, the one subject that has not come up is immigration. - Greg Siskind's Blog

Ironically, though, Escobedo said, the election's outcome could hinge on how each candidate frames immigration and how many Latino votes he can win in four swing states: Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida. - Nuestra Voice

Some people just can't get it right. If it's not news anchors refering to Obama as Osama it's Getty Images referring to a David Alan Greir poster for his new show “Chocolate News” as a campaign ad for Obama. The two look nothing alike.

The crime of LWL (Living While Latino). One out of ten Latinos are questioned about their immigration status.

Bravo to Sheriff Dart in Illinois for look out for the people rather than the rich.

Sheriff Dart had enough. He declared that he no longer was going to evict innocent people for the mortgage companies. That didn't go over very well with the Illinois Bankers Association who accused Dart of being in contempt of court for ignoring the eviction orders.

On the opposite side we have Sheriff Steve Bizzell who asks “when will we [whites] be the minority?” This wonderful man also said “Mexicans are trashy” and they're “breeding like rabbits.” It's at least promising to report on the positive actions of Sheriff Dart, but Bizzell shows us we have still have a ways to go.

Bizzell is also the star of Migra Matter's article Elizabeth Dole's problem with racist ally (also available at The Sanctuary) where we learn that Dole's embracing of the anti-migrant camp has her in with a man that has stated “Mexicans are dirty.” This is a close race and Dole is fearing she'll be booted out by Kay Hagan.

David Neiwert, at Orcinus, has been doing research on Palin's associations with the Alaskan Separatist Movement and members of the John Birch Society. Check out the report here.

Nezua brings voters in to the Obama camp one cerveza at a time. Check out his latest post on a conversation he had while relaxing with some good food and spirits.

Check out Manny's Barack O' Lantern at Yes We Carve.

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