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We were extremely excited to be doing this again. I love it that today we live in a world where with just a few clicks you can connect yourself with people and hear their views or express your own without having to worry about the geographical limitations.

For the third teleconference (we did this previously here and here), we spoke with students from York Central High, Pennsylvania. They were studying about the Middle East in their Global Studies course and wanted to know from us as people (rather than simply relying on the media) what we think/feel about certain issues.

This time we had the following people present:

Amira from Bahrain, Eva from Israel, Sameh from Gaza, Palestine, Mohammad from Jordan, and myself. Together we did our best to answer the questions by high school students from York Central High, covering all of these topics:

  • Obama/McCain, who is best for the Middle East
  • U.S coverage of the conflict in Palestine/Israel, is it balanced?
  • Women’s rights: Do women in the Middle East also have powerful positions in society?
  • A nuclear Iran: Are we threatened by it?
  • Health care system: similarities and differences in Palestine, Israel and Bahrain (with a contribution from Amira’s husband who is a Bahraini doctor with vast experiences in the field throughout the Arab world.)
  • Amongst a few other things!

    We hope that you will enjoy this podcast. I apologize for the quality, but we had little control over that.

    Listen to the podcast here.

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