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October 26, 2008 @ 15:22 UTC

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Blackfive, a popular conservative blog, interviewed a person with, he and Blackfive say, knowledge about Barack Obama’s professional and possibly private relationship with one of his (former) staffers, most likely named Vera Baker, according to the source. You can listen to the interview below, in which the source explains how he found out about it.

Fascinating is that the source, Wolf, says that the dirt on this story was dug up by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They planned to put the story out there before the Democratic Convention, but failed to find enough hard evidence.

‘Wolf’ says that they have found witnesses who confirmed the stories privately, but not publicly yet.

Three news ‘entities’ are sitting on the story, Wolf said, at least one of them ready to go public soon; but not before, but after the elections. The reasons for them not sharing the story now, Wolf said, is two fold:

1. They don’t want to influence the outcome of the elections (also because they support Obama)

2. The most important reason, in Wolf’s eyes at least: they want to make money. What sells better and over a longer period; a candidate had an affair, or a sitting president or president-elect had? The second one of course.

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At this moment we cannot possibly know whether Obama did indeed cheat on his wife Michelle. It could very well be that he did not do any such thing, and that the rumors are just that; empty, vicious rumors. When that becomes clear, those who said he did cheat, will be held accountable.

However, when something like this becomes increasingly important in the new media, it’s our duty to report it, whether we personally like it or not. Additionally, if the story is correct, it will cause a tremendous political earthquake.

What is clear is that this subject is not going away any time soon and, considering the sources - the conservative bloggers touting this story have been quite reliable, albeit biased and partisan, in the past - could play a role after November 4.

As for my personal opinion: it’s certainly worth reporting, both the rumor and if the story is proven correct / a major news organization runs with it, but it is insane that private relationships can cost someone elections and political support. Personal relationships have nothing to do with how good someone will govern; in fact, some of the greatest men and political leaders in history were serial cheaters.

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