Weekend War Report : U.S. Attacks Syria and Pakistan

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October 28, 2008 @ 13:58 UTC

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Talk of expanding U.S. military actions has moved from the table of talking heads and into reality, again. The U.S. military was busy this weekend,launching two separate attacks, one in Syria and the other in Pakistan.

Local residents in a Syrian border town said that American forces killed seven men in a helicopter-borne commando attack inside Syrian territory.

Doctors in the town of Al-Sukkariya, some eight kilometres from the Iraqi border, said seven corpses and four wounded had been delivered to a nearby clinic after the attack.

The eyewitness accounts said that four helicopters were involved in the operation, with two of the helicopters landing in the town and eight American soldiers disembarking. The eyewitnesses said that the seven killed men were supposedly construction workers.

Afterwards, the US helicopters then left Syrian airspace with all the soldiers again on board.

The death toll is now up to 9 and the wounded up to 14, with at least 4 of those dead being children.
So just invoke the war on terror and everyone will go: “Oh well if it's against those people, then it's to just go into other countries and start bombing.”

And meanwhile in Pakistan…

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