U.S election madness: 1 day

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November 3, 2008 @ 21:39 UTC

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I and many others have been following the campaign for U.S presidency religiously, despite it being so stressful and sometimes depressing. It is our responsibility to be aware, not only because this is such a historical event, but also because the result will very likely determine whether or not there will be yet another war here in the Middle East. That is the main reason why so many of us here care, even moreso than local political events.

Overall, it is my personal opinion that John McCain has led a disrespectful, dirty, desperate campaign and while Barack Obama is far from perfect, he has become an inspiration even for those following the events from abroad. His take on war being a last resort as opposed to a “mission” is one of the main things that make him the more favorable candidate.

I will also say that Obama’s team of professionals and volunteers have by far led one of the best campaigns I have ever seen, you only need to visit the official website to see what I mean. It changes on a daily basis to incorporate relevant features, all of which are increasingly impressive, and it has a section that was developed as a reaction to McCain’s disturbing and hateful smear campaign. Differences in traffic are also quite major. Obama’s team definitely have my vote for “excellence on the internet.”

A win for Obama is a win for the Middle East. It’s about time that we are respected by the U.S government and are not treated like ants in a battlefield with no rights or humanity, the way we have been treated for the past 8 years and God forbid, the next 4!

This article at Afghan Press may be of interest to readers as well:

The latest Doha Debate voters at the Doha Debates overwhelmingly concluded that Senator John McCain is not the best candidate for protecting Middle Eastern interests by 87% to 13%.

A lively audience at Qatar Foundation’s Doha Debates yesterday conclusively warned America that a victory by John McCain in the US Presidential election would damage relations with the Middle East.

Praying for Obama.

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