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November 4, 2008 @ 21:39 UTC

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Barack Obama, John McCain
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Americans are now voting for their new president. Every poll I can get so far project Obama is going to win this election. I watched a special report on local TV, in which one expert clearly states, “If I am going to bet with my own money, I put it on Obama.” Most experts point out, though, on the China-Taiwan issue, Republicans are always closer to Taiwan compared to Democrats.

Of course, on the very last day of election campaign, it becomes a topic for my friends. Obama has been emphasizing “Change” throughout his campaign since primary. One friend asks me: “Will Obama cahange everything overnight on November 5?” Her assumption sounds reasonable, given that all media present in a way that it seems everything will be changed after the elction day, no matter who wins (though Bush and McCain have an agree list way longer disagree list).

The truth is, NO. Most things won’t change overnight after casting your ballot.

Life goes on the same after November 4. The new American president will not inaugurate until January 2009. Dow Jones and Nasdaq still open snd close at the same time. Oil price still fluctuates. American troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. When 20 leaders from around the world gathers in Washington to discuss about global financial tsunami/crisis on November 15, George W. Bush, a lame duck or not, will still be the host. (I wonder whether the new president will be invited, though. He should, as he will have to be take over the government and be responsible for all decisions made in that summit.)

Many people encourage us to vote, saying “your single vote will change everything.” Yes, but it won’t change things in real terms immediately, at least not overnight. The only instant effect I can think of so far is HOPE. The results will light up many hopes that the next four years will be better than the past eight (Can you imagine worse four years than now??).

No matter it’s going to be Obama or McCain, let’s wish hope will prevail.

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