Climate Change = Democrats?

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November 4, 2008 @ 15:43 UTC

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An investigation by the US Senator Inhofe (Republican – Oklahoma) has demonstrated clearly that environmental groups are essentially political and they spend funds donated for environmental causes in support of the US Democratic Party in contravention of the law. So far, key environmental groups have spent over $3 million in support of Democrats who they think will push their agenda in the House. The Sierra Club is supporting Obama with funds.

The climate change lobby is essentially a liberal/democrat lobby which has found a new crisis cause to ensure that Government can collect more taxes and intervene in more aspects of the lives of people and organization. So as to extend the power of the State, they have to believe and promote the idea that humans are the cause of climate change and therefore they have to intervene to change human behaviour. They promote guilt and a willingness to allow the State to dictate what cars we drive, how our homes should be built and heated, how our companies should operate and what crops should be grown to produce biofuels.

This despite the fact that the science of climate change is complex and not at all clear. To overcome this, the liberal political establishment have hijacked the IPCC and turned the legitimate scientific exploration of the issue of climate change into a purely socio-political and political-technical issue.

As the earth cools, politicians simply ignore evidence and promote their tax and spend agenda. As the ice thickens at both the North and South Poles, politicians claim that those drawing attention to all of this are “deniers” and seeks to label them as deviants. It is pure liberal fascism.

What is worrying is how it is not really possible to have the conversation any more. The liberal media and the political elite have a de facto commitment to maintaining the fantasy of man made warming since it sells papers and promotes centralist control politics. The facts get in the way. The result is that those who deny the science – people like Al Gore – get rewarded and those who challenge the orthodoxy find themselves frozen out.

It is time for truth telling. Don’t hold your breath!

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