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November 4, 2008 @ 14:31 UTC

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Barack Obama
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I voted yesterday. The absentee ballot finally arrived two days ago. I did what I usually do during elections, since I have always been outside of my State. I googled the candidates to see their positions. This is especially helpful for the judges' races, which in Michigan are non-partisan. Just names on a ballot. But with a little googling I find their endorsements. “Voters for Traditional Values” supports you? No thanks!

The ballot has to be in by the election, so the regular mail was out (usually takes three weeks). I paid 1000 lira for it to be in American in four days. The guy at the post office asked if it was for the election.
“Did you pick McCain or Obama?”
“Obama, of course!”

He smiled and then asked, “He's the black one right?”
“But aren't you worried he might do things against the whites?”
“No.” I laughed. Like do what? “His policy is better than McCain's. He might work for better relations with Syria.”
“But you are white. You don't know what some one will do once they get power…”
“He will be better than Bush and that's what's important.”

I mean, what do you say to that?

The clerk then asked, “He's Muslim, right?”
“No, he's Christian. But his grandfather was Muslim and he lived in Indonesia when he was younger so he should think more internationally than Bush. And he's not scared of Muslims.”

I wonder if he got the same email. With all the questions I get about prejudice in America and about how Americans hate Muslims, I'm actually kind of impressed this dude thought America was on the verge of electing a Muslim president.

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