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November 5, 2008 @ 0:38 UTC

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Bam wins: First returns
in New Hampshire out


Dixville Notch:

Obama 71%
McCain 29%


Hart’s Location:

Obama 58.6%
McCain 34.5%
Paul 06.9%

MANILA – Voters from two formerly Republican-leaning towns in New Hampshire who traditionally bear the honor of being the first to cast their ballots on election day have just made Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois their overwhelming choice to become the 44th President of the United States.
Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location, two towns in the Granite State that have been enjoying their first-vote status since 1948, are pioneers in officially announcing the results on election day even though other states have already voted early.
In the Dixville Notch tally, Obama defeats Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona by a landslide 71-29 percent, or 15 votes to a mere 6.
And in the Hart’s Location tally, Obama garnered 58.6 percent or 17 votes as he beats McCain at 34.5 percent or 10 votes and Republican write-in candidate Ron Paul at 6.9 percent or 2 votes.
Obama supporter Tanner Nelson Tillotson was the first person whose name was drawn from a bowl to make him Dixville Notch’s first voter.
Hart’s Location opted out of the early voting tradition in 1964 after some residents grew tired of all the publicity, but brought the practice back in 1996.
Nestled in a mountain pass 1,800 feet up and about halfway between the White Mountain National Forest and the Canadian border, Dixville Notch earlier opted out of the early voting exercise on the year when then Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kennedy defeated his Republican rival Richard M. Nixon in 1960.
Nixon swept all 9 votes cast in Dixville Notch that year, and before Obama won on the fourth of November 2008, the town had gone for a Democrat only once since then – 40 years earlier in 1968.
That year, Democratic presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey got 8 votes while Nixon had 4.


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