Barack Obama Silenced the Naysayer - Including Me

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November 5, 2008 @ 19:54 UTC

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Barack Obama
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The Audacity of Hope . . . Realized.

President Obama, Michelle, Sasha and Malia will soon be the new residents of the white house. And yes, he did it with a smart, beautiful black woman by his side.

I didn’t believe it when I first heard his name, when he announced his intent to run for the presidency. I didn’t believe it when he beat Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.  I didn’t believe it when the polls, articles and whispers in cyberspace predicted his victory. I didn’t believe it - fully, until just after 8pm, when my nephew (who should have been asleep) called to say CNN had declared him the winner.

You see, even I, one who has studied and trumpeted the accomplishments of people of African descent worldwide, I too held that nasty seed of doubt. It’s that little voice in our minds, that boulder that we sometimes carry like heavy burden upon our backs, that tell us we are victims. It tells us that we should understand our place, that because we are a different, there are certain things that are out of our reach.

I know better, still, sometimes I let myself be surprised at our accomplishments. But this is a condition I intend to silence once and for all and I encourage all people - of African descent and any other descent to do the same.

Our parents told us and we need to believe it. With hard work, dedication and persistence, nothing can stop you.

I have to commend Senator McCain on is speech. He made it clear to his supporters, that no matter the outcome, we are all still Americans and owe our support to the next President. Some of the crowd booed, but that’s to be expected, I’d like to think that some of those gathered heard and realize the importance of his message.

I watched President Obama’s acceptance speech and believe that he did an excellent job in both rallying the American people to his demonstrated example that change is possible, while also making it clear that the way will be difficult. It is time for Americans to become more active in our government, without our attention and intervention, things will remain the same and our new President will fail.

Remember that every policy he introduces, every change he tries to establish will be largely dependent upon those other officials, your congressmen and senators. It would behoove us all to call our representatives, email, write - whatever is necessary to ensure our voices are heard. In that way, they cannot ignore us.

Temper expectaions. Change won’t occur overnight. We’ve got so many pressing priorities: the economy, healthcare, the war, foreign policy and a slew of others. He won’t be able to wave a magic wand and make it all better. To expect him to would only demonstrate our own ignorance of the political process.

Instead, reserve judgment and criticism and engage in the governance of your country. It is our right and our responsibility.

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