Obama for Bangladesh

The US presidential election was closely watched by many nations in the world. Bangladesh was not far behind. In a recent post in Voices without Votes we see how Bangladeshi blogs engaged in cheering for Obama and McCain.

What impact the victory of the US presidential elect senator Barack Obama had on Bangladesh? Back to Bangladesh is a blog of a Bangladeshi who came back to the country after living many years in the US. The blogger writes about the sentiments this great victory produced:

Today was a very special day for anyone who loves America.

Grown men cried tears of joy, not just in America, but also in many other parts of the world.

Dhrubo Hasan writes a poem in his blog at the Bangla blogging platform Sachalayatan:

বারাক ওবামা, আমার এই ক্ষুদ্র ৩২ বছরের জীবনে
সবচেয়ে বড় আশাজাগানিয়া মানব তুমি!
…তোমায় স্বাগতম!!

Barack Obama, in my short span of life of 32 years
you are the greatest man I know who brings hope
.. you are welcome!!!

Lipna, a Bangladeshi expat in USA writes in her blog:

When I woke up today, walking on my way to office, I felt different, nothing was literally different, same people, same crowd, same city, same roads…still I smell something different in the air, I felt a change has started happening. I don’t know if it’s the believe that things will change with Obama’s powerful presence as a President or something is really around! But I strongly felt a vibe, I could foresee a better nation, a better future for America – the land of opportunities.

Tanim from Bangladesh writes in My Bangladesh about the amazing phenomena this election revealed:

“In this match of Donkeys vs. the Elephants, we saw an optimistically turbulent evolution where many recognized red states turned blue. And this was because, it was a win for people who seek change, a win for the youth deeming a message of unity from Obama, a change for US citizens from all the different color, creed, race, belief and communities – I haven’t seen a more unified United States of America until now.”

Tanim adds that this will have an impact in the coming parliamentary elections in Bangladesh on December 18, 2008:

He motivated and engaged young people from all walks and the middle-class of the United States, successfully mobilized them and created such an inspirational upsurge of youth takeover worldwide that I believe that this effect will be strongly felt in the upcoming polls here in Bangladesh as well.

Now we can proudly say that it’s not only ‘Obama for America’ but Obama for the World and let me be hopeful and emotional while saying ‘Obama for Bangladesh’ as well.

People say that the Obama story is possible in America, and only in America. Can it be replicated in Bangladesh? But then again Bangladesh needs a leader who can unite the parties.

Back to Bangladesh reminds what lessons Bangladesh could learn from this election:

And let's hope the Bangladeshi politicians learn a little from the grace that McCain showed:- none of that “hey to churi koira jitya gesey (to the opposition -he has won by vote-fraud)” stuff in December, ok?

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