Bush, Saddam & Obama

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November 6, 2008 @ 16:53 UTC

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Barack Obama
International Relations, War & Conflict

I had always wanted McCain to win the presidential elections even though everyone around me had made me feel that would be asking for too much. It was Biden's Iraqis-are-uncivilized-monsters plan, Obama's constant why-the-hell-should-we-help-the-Iraqis-anymore line and the dodgy characters in Obama's life that had made me flinch everytime I thought about the Obama-Biden team planning their next country split up and concrete-wall building crusade in the White House.

McCain wanted the troops to leave Iraq and return home with honour, dignity and with victory. Obama wants the troops to leave Iraq, period. I do not know if this is what Obama genuinely believes to the best option or he was simply being pragmatic and adopted this stance to win the favour of the Americans who desperately wanted their troops home as soon as possible.

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