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November 6, 2008 @ 0:11 UTC

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Barack Obama
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euphoric is the word to describe washington dc last night.

I was done with my last TV interview at around one in the morning. When I walked out of the studio I was really surprised to see dozens of cars driving around honking their horns, and people running around the streets screaming and dancing!

Niki and I decided to join some of our friends and neighbors who were watching the celebrations on U street. Police cars had to close many blocks to traffic because hundreds of people (mostly african-americans) were drinking and partying, hugging and crying, screaming and singing just in the middle of the street

We stood near the corner of 14th and U where a white SUV parked in the middle of the intersection with 4 young men and women dancing on the top of it. Other dozens were dancing in the street as well. A police car tried to go through the crowd and ask them to clear the intersection, but then decided to run away amid angry shouting and booing by the crowd.

Later on, some of the celebrators were heading towards the “black house”, and we joined them.

A similar scene took place in front of the White House. We arrived there at around 2 am, and there were other hundreds of obama supporters, mostly african-americans, celebrating and taking pictures. A police car drove through the crowd trying to push them away, but people starting hitting the police car with their hands. Dozens and dozens of frustrated euphoric young men and women banged on the car with all of their strength. “Fuck the pooolice” someone shouted, others chanted “Take no shit… take no shit”. The police car ran away again.

Last night I saw with my own eyes how DC is ready for a real revolution that will change the face of this country. A revolution that will challenge the rusty old establishment, bang on police cars, and end centuries of suffering. But despite the fact that more than 60 million americans gave Obama a mandate to lead this revolution, I have a lot of doubt he will.

Obama, after all, is the establishment. He is that police car that people attacked. He is the bomb that fell on wedding party on Monday in Afghanistan, and the bullets that killed Palestinian on Tuesday in Gaza. Obama is the one who'll continue the same unjust domestic and foreign policies.

change will come one day, but not under the two-party system.

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