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November 10, 2008 @ 3:57 UTC

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Barack Obama
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I am sure that nearly everyone in the entire world knows the name Obama, and can recognize the face that owns the name. No doubt, everyone in Kenya knows what has happened in the USA. Mostly, I am convinced that people who go by name of ‘leaders’ have witnessed Obama’s fight and victory.

So then, my wish list.

1. All grandpas and grandmas that are still in office will go to their ranch or wherever else that can be called a retirement home, and take a good rest. Enjoy watching the beauty of the sun setting. If they must, they can also get up early and savour the rising of the sun. By all means keep off meddling into affairs of a country.

2. Issues. Anyone that aspires leadership should dwell on issues of the day. Like making the lives of ordinary people better. Building schools and hospitals and other good things.

3.Anyone that tells people to burn peoples property, maim and kill others so that he/she can become a ‘leader’, should lie still in their bed, never to rise again. Such a species does not deserve a single sniff of oxygen.

4. If you are not eloquent, or have tendencies to forget what you meant to say, or you tend to say the wrong thing, please go home and look after your goats. They need you more.

5. If you cannot sprint up the podium with your sleeves rolled up, please do as 4 above. Thank you.

6. If you are not good looking, that’s ok, for now anyway. But try to be well groomed. Brush your teeth and put on a clean shirt.

7. Once Obama has done his term or two, can he please come and do 2 terms for Kenya. I that heard he comes from Kenya, and he will only be 55 then. A lovely age to become a president especially in an African country!

That’s all for now.

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