Goodbye Bush

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November 11, 2008 @ 1:33 UTC

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Barack Obama
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For Pakistan, it’s not about Obama or Bush but about the Great Game, politics of intrigue, destabilization and deceit. While Mr. Bush’s departure is welcome, Mr. Obama’s victory should be received in Pakistan with caution. We have to wait and see before we judge him. He appears to be an honest man. But the world’s only superpower will have little use for honesty when facing the grim prospect of how to stop other rising nations from undermining America’s superiority in the world.

In this heady political atmosphere, here’s something to laugh about. This is a crude way of saying goodbye to George W. Bush, invented by an American. The story was reported as it is in an American blog, and was carried by Yahoo News. It is being shared here in its original format.He has the lowest ratings as a President in the past 70 years, is usually heard talking non-sense most of the time.

He is none other than George W Bush Jr., he may not last this fortnight, but at least he can go down the drain drinking your genetic waste.

This gadget contraption is something Joe the plumber will only be too happy to fix.

Sorensen designed the Presidential Toilet in his San Francisco studio to express-piss his appreciation towards the now puppet president who has caused the most harm in the 8 years that he has been in office.

Sorensen will also have a one-man show entitled “Down The Drain - The Legacy of George W. Bush.” at Ruby's Clay Studio and Gallery in San Francisco.

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