Ok Egypt is just like Syria in the eyes of Obama

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November 15, 2008 @ 0:05 UTC

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Oh this really shows how rocky our relations with the States and the new comer to the White House will be
Egypt is just like Syria ,both Obama will work on improving the relations with !!?? I mean I used to know just everybody else that the States had worse relations with Syria than with Egypt and it got worse after the raid of last month !!??Or is he using Egypt as a bridge to Damascus after the stupid raid of Bush , I can't tell because the news is not complete , I won't buy an article for God Sake.
Anyhow I found out that former Clinton aide in Foreign Policy Robert Malley was sent by Obama to Egypt and Syria in specific , Obama is using lots of Clinton Staff as far as I see but I do not blame him ,you need a lot of experience . Malley was sent prior of the elections as it seems. Obama may have sent him to calm down the Syrians who can't stomach anything Americans after the raid. It is smart and nice move.
Now he sent to Mubarak Malley with promises that the military and civilian aids will be maintained as they used and that Egypt can buy new F-16 aircrafts !!!
This can make Israel very angry especially Egypt according to some did not buy F-16 for nearly a decade,despite I remember that our doomed Egypt Air flight in NY had Egyptian pilots trained on it.

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