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November 16, 2008 @ 22:01 UTC

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Iraq, Egypt, Syria
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20 Countries in the World according to an American Presidential order in 2004 were an open playground to the American army to lauch raids whenever where ever in those 20 countries it wants.
I guess some of you have read the NYT important report that there was a 2004 secret order from Bush to the U.S Army to launch raids outside the war zone at Iraq in 20 countries including Syria ,Yemen,Saudi Arabia ,Gulf States and Pakistan in the so-called war  terrorism. I wonder what other countries are in the list beside the previously mentioned.I am wondering if Egypt was among the rest of the countries in the list. I mean after all with all that American army existence in the Gulf ,they launch secret raids ,so why not in Egypt without our knowledge. I know that  I am bit paranoid but to reach to this level then I must wonder , especially they use our jails “yeah I know officially we denied but call centers in Egypt are not the only sector we master in outsourcing !!”
Or this list only includes the countries that does not obey America like Syria, Iran ,Venezuela with the rest of the socialist latin America and may be even Russia  !!??
The Gulf countries are Qatar,UAE,Kuwait, Bahrain,Oman and Saudi Arabia , all of them are allies to the United States and most of them host foreign bases mainly American. So why launch raids without the knowledges of the friendly authorities !!??
Of course this important revelation comes after the American raid in Syria.
Now I wonder if the Arab countries mentioned in that list will ever speak or not , of course Syria will speak but what about the Gulf countries , this is an attack on the sovereignty after all .This was not the first raid in Syria but I think it is the first raid to kill civilians like this.
What about Yemen ?? What about Pakistan !!??
By the way these are not intelligence operations like the Mossad and CIA Operations but rather military operations based on intelligence information .But it seems that in case of Pakistan and Syria it seems that there were based on wrong intelligence information as civilians die in the end and bad guys get away !!
About the law or order itself, well to be honest if my country Egypt was under a real attack of terrorists , I would support that sort of operations on the condition that civilians won’t be included and that they are only for fighting those terrorists not for other political reasons.
Still here in the real world we are speaking about a decision taken by the Neocon Bush administration , already I do not know what War on terrorism till now Bush is speaking about ,that war on terrorism is not a real war on terrorism , it is a cover for another thing and what happened in Syria is the best example.
Now I wonder if Obama is going to freeze this order or not for protecting and restoring the foreign relations with other countries in the World especially in the Middle East.

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