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November 16, 2008 @ 22:05 UTC

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A constitution is not something you can just change at will with contradictory additions in order to target minorities. I'm pretty sure doing so isn't democracy.

The thing is, why aren't people rioting yet? Do you know who this kind of legislation hurts? Sure, it hurts gay people. It hurts gay families.

But do you know who else?

This kind of legislation hurts women in abusive heterosexual relationships by removing the protection of common law rights that they previously had. It hurts children whose parents cannot take care of them: beginning January 1, 2009, a grandmother will be prevented from caring for her grandchildren if she cohabits with her heterosexual partner because marrying would adversely affect her pension or insurance. Guess where those kids will be? In the foster system. Where will kids go when their gay uncle is prevented from caring for them, even though he may be their godfather? What would take precedent there? A deceased parent's will, or new constitutional amendments?

I remember being told by my parents that should anything ever happen to them, such and such uncle and such and such aunt would be responsible for me. I knew that. Not that I thought about it much, I was a child. However I knew it. Now children can have even the security of a backup family member denied them.

Why are the majority of kids in the foster system there in the first place? Because HETEROSEXUAL people neglected them, abused them, or for whatever reason could not take care of them.

Laws should function to protect the rights of the vulnerable. That's how we need to be demanding our world be.

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