Unmarried gals push Obama to victory

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November 16, 2008 @ 22:17 UTC

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Barack Obama

Pollster Stan Greenberg suggests that it’s unmarried women pushed Obama over the top. Now to a guy who lives in a town lousy with galleries, theaters and earnest non-profit groups, this is no surprise. There seems to be about 100,000 of these women in Minneapolis, all of whom lament the fact that their best gay friend would be a perfect husband if he weren’t, you know, gay.

Naturally, they have a great horror of unreconstructed neanderthals like me. Until you get a few drinks into them: then they’ll throw their political scruples to the wind, and you can spend some very pleasant time with them. They’re actually very smart and interesting once you get past the indoctrination they got in college.

Hat tip: Tim Blair, Jim Treacher

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