LGBT, Activism & Protest

Tens of thousands of people, gay and straight, young and old, of different races and religions held rallies in American cities (and even a few European and Canadian cities) in support of marriage equality for Gays and Lesbians, and in rejection of the anti-marriage amendments that have passed in three states, though it’s passage in California has been the biggest rallying factor.

The protests are remarkable not only in the show of support for marriage euqality, but in the fact that they were largely organized virally, through facebook, blogs, instant messages and word of mouth. No slick sound systems or laminated signs, most protests had a few megaphones and a whole lot of homemade signs. Another common factor from different rallies is the positivity. By and large, though there was some anger, the common theme was being there in support of gay marriage and above all the optimism that eventually it will happen.

Andrew Sullivan has a great roundup of the rallies. My personal favorite is the Chicago rally featuring a picture of a (straight) married couple in full wedding regalia and a host of bridesmaids holding up a rainbow flag in support.

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