What’s the point of outrage now?

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November 19, 2008 @ 14:03 UTC

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California is being rocked with protests against Proposition 8 - a measure that Californians passed in a statewide vote during the national elections - banning gay marriage. Last weekend protests were even held across the country demanding a change in the law so gays could marry. Of course, I believe gays should be allowed to marry as heterosexual couples are.

The problem I have is - what the hell is the point of organising yourselves now fools? This should have been done before the vote, no? This is what happened. Most people thought Prop 8 wasn’t going to pass because California is the liberal hub of America after all. Except, money poured in from the Mormon Church and religious conservatives also rallied hard to ensure a high-turnout on election day. By a small measure the vote was passed and people were stunned. There has been some discussion about the lack of proper strategy prior to the elections, but all that is no use now.

Liberals in America are generally more organised than lefties here, mostly because civic participation and activism is just more common there. Nevertheless, we don’t seem to get that political victory should not be taken for granted ever. We don’t seem to get that for progress we must organise instead of lamely complaining from the sidelines, like Italians do. We need to discuss and take forward strategy, rather than lamely fighting on the sidelines with each other (which makes the far-left so electorally useless). Prop 8 was the wake-up call for liberals there. I wonder what will it take here. Maybe when Nadine Dorries becomes Home Secretary for the Conservatives.

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